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This is where the future starts


Three reasons to start here:

1. We're a proudly, radically open community. When we were founded, we were one of the first colleges in America to admit women and students of color. Now we're one of the most diverse, international campuses in the country. Everyone counts here.

2. We're in the world. Experience-internships, independent research, service, study abroad-is built into our curriculum. We're rooted in a small city in the heart of the country; we put our education to work in communities around the world.

3. We go far. Our alumni do things like win two Emmys for investigative reporting; serve as CEO of Ford Motor China; create an open source mobile health system (and be named "one of the most influential people in the world" by Time); co-invent BASIC, a foundational language of computing; and so on. This is a human-powered community, at work in the world.

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Are you ready for a Human-Powered Experience?


If you think you might be, take the next step toward becoming a student here:

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Courses of study

including 38 majors, 49 minors, and pre-professional and cooperative programs

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Financial Aid

The most important things to know about cost and financial aid

1. We were founded on the idea that college should be accessible to people regardless of their financial means. We're guided by that idea today. We offer more than $20 million in financial aid every year. About 75% of our students receive need-based financial aid.

2. We're committed to maintaining a sane, sustainable cost of education. The net price of a Knox education has increased 2.3% over the past 5 years-enough to account for inflation, but no more.

3. We offer smart, reasonable aid packages (including grants, scholarships, federal student loans, and student employment) to families with demonstrated need. Most of our families pay a good deal less than the actual cost of Knox. You can use our Net Price Calculator to get a rough estimate of what your family would pay at Knox; start the financial aid application process, and explore the types of financial aid we offer.

4. We're here to help. Use the resources and links on this page to get started; contact us with questions. Education is a shared enterprise; we're all in this together.


I get to be part of a community of learners that's always changing and growing.

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