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Our Values


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The windows of Old Main.

What we stand for: a short list.

  1. Education is a social good. We believe that knowledge is meant to be shared, tested through experience, revised, and shared again. It is a communal tool, an endlessly renewable resource, a force for change.
  2. Education should be accessible to all. We were founded on this belief; we live it today; we believe it's the foundation of a better future.
  3. Education is experience. We put our education to work in the wider world; knowledge becomes more valuable when it's applied. Every Knox student brings their education into what's otherwise known as the real world. To us, it's just the world, and we're here to work with it, learn from it, move it forward.
  4. Education embraces difference. We seek out opposing views. We pursue the unfamiliar, the overlooked, the alternative. We're polyphonic; we're capable of speaking and thinking and acting in dozens of ways. This is how the world works; this is how innovation happens; this is how you belong to (and create) the future.
  5. Education starts with respect. We don't tolerate discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct. Mutual respect, trust, a recognition of the rights and dignity of every individual—these values are at the core of who we are.
  6. Education works especially well if everyone is, at heart, nice. We try to be nice in the broadest, deepest sense of the word: we smile at people when we pass them; we see the good in others; we make good food and share it. This is what it means to be from a small city in the heart of the country.
Professor Claudia Fernandez observes two students in a conversation-based exam.
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Printed on Monday, May 20, 2024