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Office of Admission

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999




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The admission staff is here to help. Email or call with any questions or to request information. Visit our map to find the admission counselor who covers your corner of the world and when they will be in your area.

Vice President for Enrollment & Dean of Admission Paul Steenis

800-678-KNOX (Toll-free)


Paul Steenis

Vice President for Enrollment & Dean of Admission

B.A., Knox College, Philosophy, Economics & Business Administration

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"Opening minds, fulfilling dreams, changing lives—Knox provides a world class education to a great group of students. The admission staff and I want to share with you all that Knox has to offer. Think you might be right for Knox? Talk with us!"

Associate Director of Admission DeVone Eurales

800-678-KNOX (Toll-free)


DeVone Eurales

Director of Admission

B.S., Illinois College, Business Administration, Sociology

Recruitment Area

City of Chicago

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"Knox prides itself on being a community of scholars that form true friendships. Everyone is important, from the president to the newly enrolled first-year students. At Knox, we all respect each other as individuals and treat one another as equals. So if you see me on campus or at a college fair, I'm not Mr. Eurales. Call me DeVone."

Director of International Student Services & Admission Joshua Ferchau

800-678-KNOX (Toll-free)



Joshua Ferchau

Director of International Student Services & Admission

B.A., Knox College, Political Science, Dance

Recruitment Area

Students Outside the United States

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"There is no skill in life more valuable than learning to develop your own ideas and think for yourself. At Knox, you'll have access to incredible teachers who will push you to do exactly that, and you'll achieve things you've never dreamed."

Director of Recruitment and Outreach Kimberly Zimmernam

800-678-KNOX (Toll-free)


Kimberly Zimmerman

Director of Recruitment and Outreach

B.A. Illinois Wesleyan University, English-Writing, Minor American Studies; M.A. North Central College, Leadership Studies

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"Knox College is a true living and learning community, where every member is valued, appreciated, and necessary to the greater human-powered Knox experience. Students here have the support they need, the opportunities they desire, and the freedom they require to develop into well-educated global citizens, ready for the next phase of their lives."

Associate Director of Admission Sheri McGill

800-678-KNOX (Toll-free)


Sheri McGill

Associate Director of Admission

B.A., Bradley University, Public Relations & Communications

Recruitment Area


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"Students come to Knox seeking a safe place to expand their knowledge, experience life, and prepare themselves for the next step. Graduates leave Knox knowing they are fully prepared to pursue a career or advanced degree, embracing a responsibility for lifelong learning, viewing the future with vision and imagination, and understanding they have an extended family and a place to call home forevermore. If this sounds like your kind of place...come to Knox."

Associate Director of Admission Toni Mudd

800-678-KNOX (Toll-free)


Toni Mudd

Associate Director of Admission

B.A., Southern Illinois University, Workforce Education and Development

Recruitment Area


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"The thing I love most about the Knox community is that every member has a story, and every story matters to the Knox community."

Senior Assistant Director of Admission Sarah Colangelo

800-678-KNOX (Toll-free)


Sarah Colangelo

Senior Assistant Director of Admission

B.A., Knox College, English Literature, Journalism

Recruitment Area

Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and Northern Illinois

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"Knox brings together a group of independent, gutsy, and passionate people. This combination creates an atmosphere in which students are constantly learning. Knox will match your enthusiasm in backing your unique aspirations."

Senior Assistant Director of Admission Donavon Hilligoss

800-678-KNOX (Toll-free)


Donavon Hilligoss

Senior Assistant Director of Admission

B.A., Knox College, History

I also speak: Spanish

Recruitment Area

California, Guam, Hawaii, Nevada, Western Suburbs of Chicago, Pacific Islands

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"In today's rapidly changing world college graduates need a robust knowledge base and real experience in order to successfully navigate the increasingly complex challenges ahead. At Knox College you can do real research, study abroad, become involved in internships, immersive terms, the campus and the community. You will collaborate, contribute, grow and explore. You will be well prepared for whatever path you choose to take."

Admission Counselor Joyce Hall

800-678-KNOX (Toll-free)


Joyce Hall

Assistant Director of Admission

B.A., Knox College, History, Minors Religious Studies and Self Designed Archaeology

I also speak: French

Recruitment Area

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Southern Illinois, Western Illinois, Wisconsin, and Virgin Islands

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"Knox is a small campus brimming with big ideas, a supportive community full of positive challenges, a space for serious scholarship, inspiring friendship and endless opportunity. A Knox education will expand the borders of your mind and the boundaries of your experience in the world. Who you are when you leave Knox is a fuller, deeper human being than you knew you could be when you arrived."

Assistant Director of Admission Antonio Rodriguez

800-678-KNOX (Toll-free)


Antonio Rodriguez

Assistant Director of Admission, Chicago Regional Representative

B.A. University of St. Francis, Social Sciences, Secondary Education

I also speak: Spanish

Recruitment Area

City of Chicago and Northern Suburbs of Chicago

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"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. Knox will help you do that and more as you figure out your place in the universe within our close-knit campus community."

Assistant Director of Admission Rosie Worthen

800-678-KNOX (Toll-free)


Rosie Worthen

Assistant Director of Admission

B.A., Knox College, Modern Languages, Integrated International Studies

I also speak: Spanish

Recruitment Area

Arizona, Connecticut, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Wyoming

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"Knox opens doors; doors to inner exploration, opportunities, and a successful future. You have the freedom of choice within a supportive community, empowering you to take charge of your own educational path and cultivate your potential to change the world."

Colin Kalmes

800-678-KNOX (Toll-free)


Colin Kalmes

Admission Counselor

B.A., Augustana College, Neuroscience, Biology

Recruitment Area

Alaska, Delaware, District of Columbia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Southern Suburbs of Chicago, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia

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"Knox College offers an unprecedented experience, whether it be in the classroom or outside of it. Students here feel motivated to engage with their peers and professors to really push the boundaries of a liberal arts education. You'll find that Knox students often graduate as both well-rounded and creative leaders of their field."

Colin Kalmes

800-678-KNOX (Toll-free)


Bruce Rash

International Admission Counselor

B.A., William Jewell College, International Relations

I also speak: French and Japanese

Recruitment Area

Students Outside the United States

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"At Knox, we believe an education is more than just what you'll get from lectures and textbooks. We know that the real world is complicated, and there often aren't easy answers. That's why both inside the classroom and out, your professors and your fellow students will challenge you to think critically and to develop your own ideas. It's at the very foundation of what we do here, and it's why I love talking to students about what Knox has to offer."

Financial Aid Staff

Director of Financial Aid Leigh Brinson

800-678-KNOX (Toll-free)


Leigh Brinson

Director of Financial Aid

B.A., Northern Illinois University, Corporate Communications

M.B.A., Robert Morris University Illinois, Management

"I have two favorite days at Knox College… the first is watching a new student visit campus and the second is watching the same student cross the stage at graduation. Each time the student is excited and nervous about the possibilities of what the future may hold. It is an honor to help students and parents navigate through the financial aid process."

Senior Associate Director of Financial Aid Mary Wright

800-678-KNOX (Toll-free)


Mary Wright

Senior Associate Director of Financial Aid

B.A., Northeastern Illinois University, Psychology, Business

M.S., Marian College, Organizational Leadership and Quality

"The best part of my job is being able to help students and families see that they can afford a Knox education."

Associate Director of Financial Aid, Kristen Jezek

800-678-KNOX (Toll-free)


Kristen Jezek

Associate Director of Financial Aid

B.A., California State University, Fresno, Recreation Administration & Leisure Studies

M.A., California State University, Fresno, Public Administration

"Knox College is committed to providing a supportive, diverse and intellectually stimulating environment. Students have the freedom to explore various opportunities to find their passion and make lifelong connections. I look forward to guiding students and their families through the financial aid process. Your Knox College experience awaits... dream big!"

Financial Aid Counselor Donna Cox

800-678-KNOX (Toll-free)


Donna Cox

Financial Aid Counselor

B.S., Western Illinois University, Criminal Justice

"I love getting to know the students and hearing about their experiences--a published writing, a part in a theatrical production, a winning play in last week's game, exciting research results, or a service project that touched the heart. It is a privilege to help bring these dedicated and talented young people to Knox's campus."

Campus Visit Staff

Senior Administrative Assistant Norma Rodriguez

800-678-KNOX (Toll-free)


Norma Rodriguez

Senior Administrative Assistant and Campus Visit Coordinator

A.A., Patricia Stevens Career College in St. Louis, MO, Fashion Merchandising

I also speak: Spanish

"I enjoy meeting and connecting prospective students to the excitement and possibilities of a Knox education."

Welcome Center Coordinator Amelia Zielke

800-678-KNOX (Toll-free)


Amelia Zielke

Welcome Center Coordinator

A.A., Carl Sandburg College

"At Knox College, we truly share in the excitement of your campus visit. Your visit is the most important and the most enjoyable part of my job!"

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