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One of the enduring values of a liberal arts education is that it instills in its graduates a love of lifelong learning and the ability to adapt and change with our rapidly changing world. And what better proof of the power of a Knox education than our alumni.

Ten years after graduating from Knox:


of graduates say that they are using important skills that they learned at Knox


say they are pursuing meaningful work

To add to our facts and figures, how about a few words from our alumni (four generations of alumni, to be exact):

  • Dudley McCarter '72, lawyer: "I believe Knox instilled in me—and helped me develop—the ability to reason, think logically, and keep an open mind. These qualities helped both in law school and as I became a practicing attorney...I will always be glad to say that I got my education here at Knox."
  • Patrick Lyn '84, asset manager: "Nothing prepares you for life like a liberal arts education. It teaches you to think, it teaches you to reason, and it teaches you to question, but in very logical, reasonable ways. In addition to that, a Knox education fosters independent thinking. Thinking outside the box is what I learned at Knox."
  • Bridget Coughlin '94, CEO: "Knox taught me to fail, and to learn from it and grow from it, and, therefore, to be comfortable with taking risks."
  • Derek Papp '01, physician: "Knox provided incredible opportunities to do just about anything—whether it be in the sciences, humanities, history, improv comedy, whatever—no matter what your interest."
  • Sophia Click '16, researcher: "It is because of the great professors who constantly challenged me to learn more that I am preparing to get my Ph.D. I learned, not just about classwork and studying, but about thinking, analyzing, and being alive."
Students at Commencement Ceremony.
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Printed on Monday, April 22, 2024