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Living at Knox


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The Court House Tower.

How it feels to live here:

  1. It feels like you're living with 1,050 people from places you've never heard of—who have ideas you've never thought of, who can tell stories you've never heard-and who are, at the same time, a lot like you: passionate, collaborative, unapologetically smart, interested in everything.
  2. It feels like you can get involved.—And you can. And you do. Students run more than 100 clubs and organizations, play on 20 Division III athletic teams, produce major events like our International Fair, think of smart ways to advance our sustainability program, and take an unusually high degree of responsibility for the campus culture.
  3. It feels like you're standing in the middle of a particle accelerator, except the particles are ideas.—Nearly the entire Knox community-students, faculty, and staff-lives within a few miles of campus. All of that translates into a sense of energy, excitement, cross-pollination.
  4. It feels, frankly, a little nutty.—We're capable of staging a meatless haiku competition. Our most intense athletic rivalry is nevertheless called the Bronze Turkey. Our Resident Advisors host inscrutable events like "style and s'mores." And then there is Flunk Day.
  5. It feels like you're in a permanent state of discovery.—See our list of 101 fun things to do to start.

The Campus Experience

Our living arrangements are designed to accommodate just that kind of "community learning." Most students live in residence halls, the majority of which are arranged in suites, groups of single and double bedrooms that open on a shared living space. Fraternity houses and theme houses such as the International House, Casa Latina, and Peterson House are also popular options.

But where you live is only the beginning. There are new people to meet, traditions to explore, and places you will remember for the rest of your life. The links below will tell you more about why Knox is not just a great place to study, it's a great place to live.

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