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Students celebrate Flunk Day 2014.



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A campus tree.

5 Knox traditions that perfectly capture the spirit of Knox

  1. Pumphandle. On the day before the first day of fall term, everyone at Knox stands in a long, twisty line on the south lawn of Old Main. And one by one, you go down the line and shake everyone's hand. Some people wear costumes; some people get creative with their greetings; the spirit is, shall we say, giddy. And in the end you come to know everyone at Knox, face to face, hand to hand. Democratic, humanizing, time-consuming-and totally worth it.
  2. Bronze Turkey. The Knox-Monmouth football game is one of the oldest college rivalries in the country (first game: 1888). The winner receives a trophy that is, yes, bronze and turkey-shaped. And the trophy is the object of many high jinks; at one point it was buried under our running track. The point being: We're serious about athletic competition. But we're also serious about not taking ourselves too seriously.
  3. The Prairie Burn. An annual controlled burn at our Green Oaks field station, which is set on one of the oldest prairie restoration sites in America. Conducted by a professor and students from all over the map, from every discipline. A smart, necessary ecological practice. And a communal approach to joining the local ecosystem. Namesake of our athletic teams, The Prairie Fire.
  4. Flunk Day. A (secret!) day in spring on which classes are cancelled, bells are rung, and the campus turns into a giant festival of nuttiness. Organized and run by a small, anonymous group of students.
  5. I-Fair. Formally known as the International Fair. Food, music, dancing and singing from around the world, courtesy of our many cultural groups and students from more than 50 countries. Proud, crowded, and happily chaotic. Sample menu: fried plantains (Ghana), bulgogi (Korea), arepas (Venezuela), mango lassi (India).

Knox Songs

Hail, Knox All Glorious

Hail, Knox all glorious!
Unto thee we sing.
Ever victorious,
homage we bring, we bring.
For through all the ages,
all our teams so bold, so bold,
will fight for old Knox, Knox, Knox!
Fight for the purple and the gold.

Hail to Alma Mater

Hail to Alma Mater,
Fling her banner high!
Sing the songs of college days,
Songs of days gone by.
In the quiet hours
Of the starry night,
Dream the dreams of college days,
Mem'ries burning bright.
(refrain)Hail to Alma Mater,
Let our voices ring!
Hail to Knox all glorious,
Unto thee we sing.
For the long, long road to Alma Mater
Is the road that calls us home
O'er hills and plains,
By lakes and lanes,Our woodlands, Our cornfields,
Our Country, Our home.

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