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Knox Spots

Whether it's hanging out at the Gizmo, listening to (or performing at) the Knox-Rootabaga Jazz Festival, or working in your own art studio space, there are plenty of places to be and things to do at Knox. These are the current Knox "hot spots" according to our students:

"Cherry Street on Thursday nights when students and teachers play jazz all night long."

"The south lawn of Seymour is a great place to play Ultimate Frisbee."

Students playing Wii in the Taylor Student Lounge."Playing the Wii, shooting pool, or singing Karaoke at the Taylor Student Lounge."

"Post Lobby's big screen TV and couches make it the perfect place to watch movies, play games, or just study with friends."

"The bleachers south of the track and the Knosher Bowl."

"The ledge outside Post 9 is a good place to blow bubbles from."

"The Gizmo Patio is an awesome space on a sunny day, to study with friends, or play the guitar."

"Green Oaks is a nice place to retreat and take a walk through the woods, go canoeing, or camp for the night."

"The Jazz House is always relaxed. Anyone can stop by and sit in the living room and talk about music or whatever."

"The Green Room in CFA is a great place for production meetings, getting ready for shows, and acts as a second home for theatre majors."

Students run WVKC, a 1,000-watt FM stereo radio station."The Admissions Office always has candy, and Beth and Diane will talk to you."

"The Radio Station is, hands down, the sweetest place on campus. You can spin anything from rock to hip-hop to Indie to Albanian goat herding music played on the kazoo, and you'll have a loyal army of listening followers."

"At the coffee shop in town, or at any of the thrift stores."

"The big arm chairs by the windows in the Library are a fabulous place to read."

What's the coolest place in Galesburg?

Read what current Knox students say about their favorite spots in town:

"My favorite place off campus is The Landmark and Boys & Girls Club because at these places I don't have to be anyone but myself."

"Q's Cafe is by far my favorite place in Galesburg. The atmosphere is so homey, the food is comforting and delicious, and the people are incredibly kind. Whenever I need some comfort food or time to de-stress, I go there for lunch."

"I love the antique mart in town; it's so close to campus and has a ton of cool stuff."

"I like walking by the rail yard to see the underlying economic infrastructure of Galesburg. Without the rail yard, this town would probably be much smaller or nonexistent."

"I love the Beanhive Café. It is so cozy, and I love walking in and immediately being hit with the smell of coffee and the chill atmosphere."

"My friends and I love to go to The Purple Hanger on the weekends. Thrift shopping is the best kind of retail therapy, and the proceeds go to the local women's shelter."

"I love to visit the comic book shop off campus. I am a huge comic book geek, and it's one of the things that helps me relax after a long day."

"My favorite off campus place would have to be Innkeepers for their windows of mouthwatering desserts."

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