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Melvin Taylor '14
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Melvin Taylor '14

Brooklyn, New York

Major in Elementary Education

Melvin is a writer, radio host, and YouTuber who recently joined the staff of

Melvin Taylor '14

What have you been doing since graduating from Knox?

Since graduation, I've essentially been doing the same thing I did at Knox, being as involved as possible. Yet it's a lot more targeted than it was then. I started working in sales advertising in Chicago and at night I enrolled in classes for radio & TV. During those 9-5 hours, I quickly realized I didn't have the freedom I wanted and needed a way out. Almost a year later, I got a job in New York, in sales advertising again, and thought this would be it. It wasn't, though. I even was put into a fast-track program to become one of the next leaders in the sales department. I'll say one of the best days ever was when I got out of it. I gave it a hard try, but it wasn't in my heart.

So, as usual, I filled my time with public access TV to learn and network (plus host my own show), began producing podcasts at CBS, started my own radio show, and performed sketch and improv comedy. All of that eventually led to everything I'm doing now. In case anyone is still wondering, currently I'm a writer at, covering culture at large and the Golden State Warriors, a YouTuber with over 2 million views and 17,000+ subscribers, a radio host with a weekly show in Harlem, New York, an actor, and a producer working in TV and film production.

Congratulations on your recent hiring at! How did you connect with them?

Thank you! has been a blessing honestly. It takes me back to being an intern at The Register-Mail and covering high school summer baseball games or writing about Knox's basketball and football teams. Even more so, I wrote for while at Knox. So before going forward, know that I wouldn't be in this position today without any of that previous work. How this opportunity came about was from networking during my time at RESPECT magazine. Being a columnist there, I was able to make and foster a ton of relationships and thankfully, one of my better ones landed me an interview with Heavy.

What was your involvement in the Knox community when you were a student?

My involvement was honestly everywhere I could be. From basketball and track to being a CTL tutor to A.B.L.E. and Fiji to College for Kids and The Register-Mail. Can't forget WVKC, Student Senate, theatre, the Knox College Choir, and hanging out in the CIL. I'm probably forgetting something, to be honest, but I remember going to college and saying I was going to be as involved as possible. 

Please describe a favorite memory or two from your time at Knox.

This is an unfair question because I really can't pick, haha. First, I'll say any of my birthdays that also happened to be on Flunk Day because OH MY GOODNESS those were fun! A second one is hard, though. We had a lot of fun on the Choir tour, being onstage in plays was great, those 5 a.m. practices for basketball were the worst, but I loved them. Jumping off of the A.B.L.E. porch and running in a dead sprint was awesome (IFKYK). I'll settle on senior year being my second favorite memory. From top to bottom and beginning to end, it was fun. Knowing this would be the last time I'd be around everyone, and we'd all be in the same space, made me appreciate the time I did have with them so much more.

Why is Knox important to you?

Knox is important to me because it forced me to grow. As many good times as I had, there also were many not-so-good ones. Having a healthy balance of both helped me to see who I wanted to become and fostered that initial spark for it to happen. Without Knox, I don't know what I'd be doing right now or who I'd be.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Be confident in who you are, even if you don't know who you are just yet. That confidence can carry over into multiple aspects of life, and you'll need it for those days when everything becomes too much. Plus, any mistakes that you inevitably will make are only going to help you down the road. Also, have fun. You only get this college experience once, and you should do all you can to make the absolute most of it. Trust me, once Flunk Day is gone, it's NEVER coming back.

Read Melvin’s author bio on Heavy.

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Printed on Monday, December 6, 2021