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Phi Gamma Delta

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Chapter Founding Date: April 5th, 1867

Values: Friendship, Knowledge, Service, Morality, Excellence

Philanthropy: St. Baldrick's

Dues: $175 per term

Membership Policy: Our chapter seeks gentlemen of quality who are upstanding in their academics, preferences being for a potential new member to have at least a 2.3 GPA. We ask around campus to see if there are any negative traits that this potential new member holds, and we spend time with them through academics, athletics, or recruitment events to get to know them better. If all brothers approve of them being members of the house, then they will be accepted as new member into our chapter. Students must identify as men and show respect towards those they interact with, as well as a thirst to expand their knowledge, to join the chapter.

Instagram: @knox_fiji

Twitter: GDfiji


Although many other fraternities have said it before, the true strength of Phi Gamma Delta (Phi Gam or "Fiji") lies in its members. The Phi Gamma Delta house is one of the largest and most diverse houses on campus, with more than 40 members.

Founded in 1848 at Jefferson College in Pennsylvania, the organization now has over 108 chapters in the United States and Canada. Phi Gamma Delta is based on the idea that no matter what else exists between brothers, respect for one another should be its cornerstone.

Brothers in Phi Gamma Delta come from very diverse walks of life, and their interests encompass nearly every imaginable activity at Knox. This is more than evident from the Fijis' involvement in every varsity sport, Union Board, The Knox Student -- the list goes on and on.

Our chapter produces leaders of men who show compassion, acceptance, and a drive for excellence in the professional world. Our members are expected to excel, but when they encounter struggles in and outside of school, they know that their brothers will always be present to provide support and help find solutions.

Notable Phi Gamma Deltas

  • Calvin Coolidge, President of the United States 1923-1929
  • Johnny Carson, former host of The Tonight Show
  • John Ritter, actor
  • Phillip Knight, founder, owner, and president of the Nike Corporation
  • Jack Templeton
  • Richard Whitcomb
  • John Pritchard

In honor of their organization, Phi Gamma Delta's Greek letters are not displayed anywhere except the front of the chapter house, the fraternity's flag, member badges, and class rings. This unique aspect of Phi Gamma Delta sets it apart from other organizations on campus.

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