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Student Senate


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Knox College Student SenateThe Knox College Student Senate plays a significant role in college activity. The Student Senate is responsible for the management of money between clubs, rolling out new ideas and projects, and voicing the needs of students to improve campus life. Senators are elected by their classmates and stand on student and faculty-led committees. Knox College is an institution that values student voices and Student Senate is an excellent platform to get involved. Follow us on Facebook!

Student Senate serves as

  • An open forum to debate a variety of campus issues
  • A platform to make suggestions for improvement on issues and policies
  • A place that provides budgetary means to clubs and approves new clubs on campus
  • An avenue to make the Knox campus more dependent on student thought, opinion, and actions

Student Senate

Campus Life
The Campus Life Committee is responsible for oversight and improvement of all things regarding the general living environment and campus community. Additionally, Campus Life is responsible for executing the annual Safety Walk and the Themed Housing Application process. The Campus Life Committee works closely with administrators and faculty to actively participates in changes on campus.

Dining Services
The role of the Dining Services Committee is to represent the needs and wants of the student body. This committee works to improve the various dining areas on campus, working closely with dining and campus administrators. We keep detailed record of student feedback and find new alternatives to improve the dining experience at Knox for all students regardless of dietary needs.

The Diversity Committee's main focus is to uphold Knox's value of diversity and inclusivity through various forms of action in addressing diverse issues both on and off campus. Those forms of action include creating and supporting events, writing letters, being an aid and liaison for organizations on campus, etc. This committee works closely with the Campus Diversity Committee and the Multicultural Student Advisory Council in co-hosting events and brainstorming ways to combat and challenge issues that arise by engaging in thoughtful dialogues and sharing new diverse experiences.

The Sustainability Committee represents the student body in all things sustainability, giving equal weight to natural, social, and economic systems. This committee is responsible for reviewing requests for use of the Sustainability Fund and works to bring new sustainable initiatives to the campus. 

Sustainability Fund Request

Sustainability Fund Guidelines

Finance Committee oversees the financial aspects of Student Senate's. Students meet with this committee to discuss club funding and to establish new clubs on campus. Each spring the Finance Committee organizes the budget for the upcoming academic year to ensure access to adequate finances for other student-led organizations. This money is dispersed between clubs, broadcasting, internet and publications, club sports, honor board and union board for events, travel to conferences, etc.

New Student Organization Application

Additional Funds Request Form

Health and Wellness
The Health and Wellness Committee is responsible for the improvement of resources for health and wellness on campus. This committee reflects on the attitudes and needs of students in regards to the Health and Counseling center and other avenues of self-care. This Committee works closely with the Health and Counseling center and Student Life faculty to improve upon the health and wellness of our students.

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