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If you have payroll questions, please contact Lisa Steinbach, Payroll Coordinator, at 309-341-7201.

Hourly Staff

Hourly employees are paid on a biweekly pay schedule for time worked. Please see the Current Pay Schedule for a list of payroll periods and dates. Knox College uses Enterprise eTIME Timekeeping for submission of time worked.

Employees receive vacation, sick and personal leave benefits based on hours worked per week. Following are leave time benefits for employees based on hours worked per week. 

Administrative Staff

Administrative staff and faculty are paid monthly on the last working day of the month.

Student Supervisors

All students working on campus are required to be paid through payroll. A Pay Authorization Form must be submitted to the Payroll Office when the student has been hired. These forms are to be printed directly from Handshake when you hire the student. If the student has not worked on campus before, they will also be required to complete tax forms. Once all information has been received, the Payroll Office will enter the information into the Enterprise eTIME Timekeeping system and the student may begin recording their time worked via that system.

Students who were not able to record their time worked in the Enterprise eTIME system for a prior pay period must submit a Historical Edit form (PDF) to the Payroll Office to be paid for those hours. This form is not to be used in lieu of entering time in the Enterprise eTIME system.

The Department of Labor requires that we pay students every two weeks. Hence, it is important that your students submit their hours worked in a timely manner. It is a condition of their employment that they complete the necessary tax forms and submit hours worked in a timely fashion.

Students are paid the current minimum wage on a biweekly pay schedule. It is your responsibility as a supervisor to make sure:

  • A pay authorization (PDF) has been submitted to the Payroll Office
  • If tax forms are needed, you inform the student that it is a condition of employment (the Payroll Office will notify you of those needing to complete tax forms)
  • Approve and submit hours worked by your students to the Payroll Office via Enterprise eTIME Timekeeping as required/scheduled.
  • Supervisors may review and approve their student's time cards logging into Enterprise eTIME by using the Time Card Login link on your my.knox page.

Direct Deposit

The College requires all employees hired after December 1, 2012 to direct deposit their pay as a condition of employment. An employee may choose to divide and deposit their net pay in up to four different bank accounts. Direct deposit (PDF) of pay is done prior to the opening of the business day on the payroll date. Your earnings should also be accessible to you at this time. A Statement of Earnings is available under the Pay Stub link on the My.knox page, noting your hours worked, gross pay, deductions and net pay deposited (to each account if multiple accounts are chosen).

Payroll Deductions

Payroll deductions are noted on employee earnings statements in abbreviated form. For a complete listing of these codes, please see Deduction and Benefit codes.

Other than taxes and employee benefit deductions, employees may also choose via payroll deduction to:

  • Designate a gift to the College
  • Make a contribution to the United Way of Knox County

W-2 Forms

W-2 forms are mailed to the employee’s home/permanent address on file in the month of January of the following year. Wages noted on the W-2 form are ‘taxable’ wages, not the gross earnings on your final earnings statement for the year. Please take into account tax-sheltered insurance premiums and contributions and taxable benefits when comparing your final earnings statement to your W-2 form.

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Printed on Wednesday, March 29, 2023