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All students employed on campus are required to be paid through payroll. Students are paid the current minimum wage rate on a biweekly pay schedule. The Internal Revenue Service requires that each student have completed tax forms on file in the Business Office. These forms must be completed within three days of hire. It is a condition of employment that students complete the necessary tax forms and also report their time worked in a timely fashion to their supervisor.

The forms you will be required to complete are in the Student Payroll Packet. You may print and complete these forms in advance. The completed forms must be returned to the Business Office.  To complete the I-9 form you will be required to show original documents. An example of the forms needed are on the following list, and you will need  an item from a) and b) or from c).   You can also view the complete list of acceptable documents
a) Driver's License or Knox ID
b) Social Security Card or Certified Birth Certificate
c) Passport

Time Worked

The College utilizes Enterprise eTIME, a Web time entry system, for submission of time worked. Students are responsible for recording their time worked in the Enterprise eTIME system on a daily basis so supervisors may approve their time worked. For a complete list of pay periods and payroll dates please see the biweekly pay schedule.

Payment of Time Worked

Student earnings are subject to Federal and State of Illinois tax withholding. Students are exempt from FICA and Medicare tax withholding during the school year. Students who work at the College during the summer months are subject to FICA and Medicare. Given the small number of hours students are allowed to work on campus, tax withholding during the school year is minimal if any taxes are withheld. The amount of tax withheld from a student's pay is also affected by the number of exemptions the student claims on his/her W-4 form.

Knox College's payroll is set up to pay via direct deposit to the employee's bank account(s). As of December 1, 2012, direct deposit is mandatory and a condition of employment. A Statement of Earnings is available under the Pay Stub link on the my.knox page.  This statement notes hours worked, gross pay, payroll deductions, and net pay for each pay period. 

Direct Deposit

The College requires all employees and students hired after December 1, 2012 to direct deposit their pay as a condition of employment. Students should bring their bank account information with them at the time they complete their payroll tax forms. If the student does not have a bank account, many banks close to the College offer free checking and/or savings accounts for students. Students may choose to have their pay deposited into an account in their hometown or locally. Direct deposit of pay is done prior to the opening of the business day on the payroll date. Your earnings will be accessible to you at this time. A Statement of Earnings is available under the Pay Stub link on the my.knox page.  This statement notes hours worked, gross pay, deductions, and net pay deposited for each pay period.

W-2 forms

W-2 forms are mailed to the student's home/permanent address on file in the month of January of the following year. If students wish, they may choose to have their W-2 form sent to their campus box rather than mailed to their home. To request this they must complete a request form in the Business Office.

If you have payroll questions, please contact Lisa Steinbach, Payroll Coordinator, at 309-341-7201.

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Printed on Thursday, September 28, 2023