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37.5 Hour Standard Work Week

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Leave Time benefits

If you have any questions about leave time benefits, please contact Lisa Steinbach in the Payroll Office at ext. 7201.

The amount of vacation an employee can accrue is based on their years of service at Knox College. Your vacation balance will never go beyond the maximum(s) noted which is 1.5 times your normal vacation hours per year. Once your vacation does reach the maximum you will no longer accrue vacation time until the balance falls below the maximum. It is the employee’s responsibility to make sure that your vacation balance does not reach the maximum.

Years of Service

Yearly Accrual
Weeks / Hours

Maximum Vacation Balance
Weeks / Hours

Hours Accrued
Per Pay


2 / 75

3 / 112.5

2.88 hours


3 / 112.5

4.5 / 168.8

4.33 hours


4 / 150

6 / 225

5.77 hours


5 / 187.5

7.5 / 281.3

7.21 hours

Personal Leave
Full-time employees are given three personal days each year. These days are accrued the first payroll of the year and must be used by the end of the year. The date personal leave time must be used by varies from year to year. Employees are notified by memo in the fall of this date. The date is also noted on the employee’s copy of the Biweekly Pay Schedule. If not used, the personal time is lost. These days are pro-rated the employee’s first year of service and are accrued after the employee’s probationary period. Ten-month employees receive only two personal days per year.

Floating Holidays
As the College is open on Memorial Day and Labor Day, employees are given two “floating holidays” each year to use at their discretion. These days are included in the employee's Personal Leave Accrual each year and are subject to the same rules as Personal Leave.

Sick Time
Full-time employees accrue the equivalent of 12 days per year. (10-month employees accrue 10 days per year). The maximum sick leave an employee can accrue is 6 months.

Hrs. Accrued Per Pay:
3.46  Maximum Accrual: 975.0 hours.

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Printed on Thursday, September 16, 2021