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A successful academic experience begins with a strong foundation. Make the most of your academic life at Knox:

Preparing For Your Academic Journey
To help you make the most of the many opportunities for inquiry and creativity that a Knox education has to offer, here are a few ways to think about the academic journey upon which you're about to embark.

Math? Art? Chinese? Anthropology? It's Time To Choose Your Course Preferences
When you arrive in the fall, the course preferences you share with your advisor will serve as a guide as the two of you develop your official schedule for the term. Visit your student portal to choose your course preferences

Placement Exams Help You Find the Best Fit
Knox offers placement exams in mathematics, foreign languages, and chemistry. These short online exams help us ensure that you're enrolled in the level appropriate for your skills. Learn more about placement exams

Summer Common Reading
A common experience reading and discussing the same book helps us build shared knowledge and shared vocabulary for the many conversations that will follow in and out of the classroom. All entering students will read the same book and, as part of orientation, students, faculty, and staff will join in conversations about it. Learn more about the reading.

What is FP?
First-Year Preceptorial, or FP, is a small seminar course all first-year students take in the fall. Learn more about FP.

Have a Question? Ask a Prof!
Do you have a question about courses or the academic opportunities at Knox? Through the end of July, Knox Professor Tom Moses will be available to answer any questions you have about the academic program at

Computer Hardware Requirements
Thinking about getting a new laptop or other device? Check out our computer hardware requirements before you make the purchase to be sure the device meets our minimum requirements to connect to the Knox network.

Submit Your Final Transcripts and Test Scores
Don't forget to submit your final secondary school transcript and any additional transcripts for college coursework you have completed. Now is also the time to submit your AP and IB scores for college credit and your ACT and SAT scores if you did not submit them during your application process.

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