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A successful academic experience begins with a strong foundation. Make the most of your academic life at Knox:

Your Academic Journey
To help you make the most of the many opportunities for inquiry and creativity that a Knox education has to offer, here are a few ways to think about the academic journey on which you're about to begin.

Choose Your Course Preferences
To submit preferences for the courses you would like to take this fall, visit your student portal to complete the Course Preferences form. You will submit two course preferences and two alternates.

First-Year Preceptorial—your first course.
First-Year Preceptorial is a small seminar course that all first-year students take. You will enroll in two additional courses during the fall term, but First-Year Preceptorial—or "FP" as it is universally and affectionately known—will be your foundation. FP embodies the core values and themes of a Knox education. One of those values is ownership of your education. There is not one FP course, but many FP courses from which to choose. Learn more about the various FP courses, and then complete your FP Course Preference form on your portal

Time for your first assignement—A summer common reading.
You will soon discover that a Knox education, including FP, is built on conversations about ideas. Our community thrives on conversations. The Summer Common Reading is your opportunity to prepare for your first conversations on campus. All entering students will read the materials and, as part of new student orientation, students, faculty, and staff will join in conversations about them. Get started on the readings now.

Placement Exams Help You Find the Best Fit
Knox offers placement exams in mathematics, foreign languages, and chemistry. You must take these short quizzes/exams this summer-even if you believe you know where you should (or would like to) start out in a sequence—to ensure that you are placed in a class at the level appropriate for your skills. Learn more about placement exams.

Have a Question? Ask a Prof!
Can't make it to a summer advising day or live too far away? Don't worry. Another advising resource we will have for you is "Ask-a-Prof!" Ask-a-Prof is a real Knox professor, who will be available to answer questions about courses, academic programs and opportunities, or anything else you would like to know about your academic life at Knox. Ask-a-Prof will be available at through the middle of August.

Get your computer ready for our campus network
If you're thinking about adding a new laptop or other device to your graduation wish list, make sure it meets all the hardware and wireless requirements to connect to the Knox Network.

Submit your final transcripts and test scores
Be sure to request that a final high school transcript, any relevant test scores (AP, IB, GCE), and any college records be sent to Knox. We need this information not only to maintain your eligibility for financial aid and scholarships, but also to assist your faculty advisor as you register for classes.

If your first language is not English
International students are invited to participate in an Intensive English Language Program from August 20 to September 3, prior to the International Pre-Orientation Program (IPOP). If your first language is not English, the program will be an excellent opportunity to improve your English language skills.

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