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Students display their countries flags at the annual International Fair in Ford Center for the Fine Arts.

Welcome to your Knox educational experience. Now is the time to begin taking those first steps toward intellectual discovery.

Select your course preferences.
Visit your student portal to complete the Course Preferences form. This form will lead you to the Open Courses List and the course descriptions in the Knox College Catalog. When you arrive on campus, your preferences will serve as a guide as you and your advisor develop your official schedule for the term.

Placement Exams Help You Find the Best Fit
All incoming students must take placement exams. Even if you believe you know where you should (or would like to) start out in a math or foreign language sequence, taking the exams will ensure that you are placed in a class at the level appropriate for your skills. Learn more about placement exams.

Learn more about your academic journey.
To help you make the most of the many opportunities for inquiry and creativity that a Knox education has to offer, here are a few ways to think about the academic journey on which you're about to begin.

Planning for Textbooks and Materials
When you arrive on campus, you will meet with your advisor to determine your final course schedule, based on the course preferences you submitted. You should plan on about $300 for books and materials per term and be prepared to spend this at the Knox College Bookstore during your first few days on campus as your course selections are finalized. Certain courses will include additional costs that you must pay early (like online access codes for homework, art supplies for art courses, or fees for labs or music lessons).

Make the most of your academic experience with support services.
Knox also has many centers to support your Knox experience, including writing support and tutoring for students in all majors and at all levels; internships and career planning; off-campus study; and independent research and creative work. These resources will prove invaluable in your Knox journey.

Submit your final transcripts and test scores.
Be sure to request that a final high school transcript, any relevant test scores (AP, IB, GCE), and any college records be sent to Knox. We need this information not only to maintain your eligibility for financial aid and scholarships, but also to assist your faculty advisor as you register for classes.

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