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In the coming months and years, you will face many exciting opportunities and challenges. It's normal to need physical or mental health support along the way. That's why we have Counseling and Health Services right here on campus. Our on-campus counselors and medical staff are here to help and are committed to your academic and personal success.

Here are some ways to ensure a healthy start to your Knox career.

Develop the skills needed to address critical life issues.
A Knox education is about more than learning in the classroom; it's about being part of a healthy campus community. For that reason, Knox requires all entering students to complete two online courses—AlcoholEdu and HAVEN—before they arrive on campus. These two courses will help you develop the skills needed to address critical life issues such as alcohol abuse prevention, sexual assault prevention, and bystander intervention. Learn more about the course on your student portal.

Insurance plan covers accidents on and off campus.
All students are automatically enrolled in an accident insurance plan that provides specified medical benefits if you're accidentally injured either on or off campus. Learn more about the plan.

The comfort of comprehensive coverage.
All Knox students are strongly advised to have comprehensive health insurance. While basic health care is available through campus Health Services, additional medical expenses are your financial responsibility. Knox does not offer comprehensive health insurance plans for students, but we have identified some insurance options.

International Student? Insurance plans in the United States.
Your health and wellness are essential to your success at Knox, and you can expect to receive high-quality health care in the U.S. Learn more about health care in the U.S. International students should ensure they have additional health insurance that provides coverage in the U.S. Learn more about health insurance for international students. U.S. citizens living abroad should also ensure they have health insurance in the U.S., either through your parents or your own policy. Find information about individual insurance plans.

Are you a student athlete?
If you plan to participate in Prairie Fire Athletics, a physical examination is required before you can participate in practice or competitions. Learn more about physicals and student-athlete insurance.

Submit health forms.
Visit your personalized student portal to complete immunization, medical history, and medical insurance information forms. These forms must be completed before you can register for your classes.

Find health care right around the corner (or across the quad).
Medical care is provided on campus by Health Services. There is no cost per visit and no limit to the number of visits you can make to the office, which provides basic healthcare for illness and injuries.

Meet your mental health needs.
Wellness is more than just your physical health. At Counseling Services, we offer free, confidential counseling and consultations to all Knox students. Take advantage of the opportunity to talk to an objective professional about any area of concern.  

Stay safe.
The Department of Campus Safety is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep you and your valuables safe. A few things you may want to know about before arriving on campus are parking permits and registering bikes on campus.

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