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"Planathon" for StartUp Term 2017; students meet with faculty, exchange ideas and form teams during the winter, in advance of the course held in the spring.


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Caesar Akuetey

Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures (French)

2 East South Street

Galesburg, MN 61401-4999



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How We Work

1. We strive for a holistic understanding of the language. Even in the introductory French courses, we go beyond memorizing vocabulary and conjugating verbs. We strive to give you a variety of skills that will help you communicate outside the classroom. That's why we focus on cultural knowledge, literature, and conversation skills. When you travel to French-speaking locales, you'll be prepared with practical language skills and a rich understanding of the region's history and culture.

2. We go abroad. We value the chance to experience Francophone language and culture firsthand. With Senegal: Language and Culture (CIEE), you'll live and study Senegalese culture and develop skills in French and Wolof, a regional sub-Saharan African language, in one of the most developed and democratic nations in the region. Studio Art, Music, and Dance in Paris offers you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to concentrate on and advance your skills in art—painting, drawing, music—in one of the world’s major artistic centers—life in France in a unique way. You will immerse in French culture; take classes with French professors and get to meet students from all over the world.Many of our students find post-graduate opportunities abroad through Fulbright Fellowships and other programs.

3. We're invested in global politics. French is used all over the world as a language of diplomacy. Many of our students combine French with a major or minor in political science, international studies, or international relations. Some students double major in French and in other fields, like biology, where the study of the French language will prepare you to learn, travel, and work outside of the United States. You might even choose to pursue a career abroad like Benetia Cingapane '95, who serves as deputy ambassador at the Botswana Embassy.

4. Our faculty bring their unique backgrounds to the classroom. We come from all over the various parts of the world, and we're all experts in the language. Because we have different relationships with French, you'll be exposed to a variety of accents and cultural knowledge. Our research interests are as diverse as our backgrounds. You might study Francophone African Literature with Caesar Akuetey or French Food for Thought with Anne Schaefer. Whatever your interests, one of us will have the experience to help you go deeper. Whatever your interests are, we will help you attain your goals

5. Our curriculum is always evolving. Each year, you'll have the opportunity to participate in unique course offerings. Many professors rely on student input when designing classes, so you'll have a hand in shaping the curriculum. Recent courses have included Money in Literature and Maghrebian Literature. You can also pursue your own unique interests through an independent study or Honors Project.


The Burkhardt Language Center

The Center includes an instructor station, 24 computer workstations, and professional photo-flatbed scanning capabilities. The Language Center also houses two workgroup rooms equipped with individual computer workstations for small group sessions or individual privacy. The viewing room is capable of seating up to 20 people accommodating large-screen computer output and video viewing.

The Eleanor Stellyes Center for Global Studies

The Stellyes Center works with many of our students to facilitate their opportunities abroad. To assist students in applying and preparing for these programs, the Center offers the expertise of its director and assistant professional staff along with resources such as books, CD-ROMs, and online journals in areas related to global studies.

French Table

Each Thursday at noon, students and faculty gather in the Oak Room to practice conversational French skills over lunch.

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