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Knox College is a top producer of Fulbright FellowsKnox College has been cited by the Chronicle of Higher Education as one of the top schools in the nation for Fulbright scholarships and fellowships awarded to faculty and students. The lists below show Knox's cumulative record of Fulbright awards to graduating seniors, listed by year, from 1951 to present; Knox faculty at any time in their academic careers, and alumni of the College who received Fulbright awards following their graduation from Knox.

Fulbright Fellowships awarded to graduating Knox College seniors


Keara Crook '19; Teaching, English, Vietnam 


Sofia Gillespie '18; Teaching, English, Latvia
Eunice Shek '18; Teaching, English, Taiwan
Lindsay Smith '19; Teaching, English, Indonesia


Nicholas Nurre '18; Teaching, English, Macau 
Monica Weller '18; Teaching, English, Mongolia


Emily Malec '16; Teaching, English, South Korea
Cortney Hill '17; Teaching, English, Malaysia
Raeann Boero '17; Teaching, English, Malaysia
Dakota Luna Stipp '17


Charlie Harned '16; Teaching, English, Spain
Tawni Sasaki '16; Teaching, English, Taiwan
Adrian Secter '16; Teaching, English, Mongolia


Julia Sievert '12, Teaching, English; Germany
Kathryn Frank '12; Teaching, English; Argentina
Erin McKinstry '12; Teaching, English; Germany


Leslie Kang '11; Teaching, English; South Korea
Joanna Stack '11; Teaching, English; India
Brent Newman '11; Jamaican Yellow Boa; Jamaica


Jessa Dahl '10; Japanese History; Japan
Karin Rudd '10; Teaching, English; India
Tasha Coryell '10; Teaching, English; Austria


Myra Thompson '08; Creative Writing, Social Research; Russia
Rebecca Ganster '08; Teaching, Economic Research; Vietnam
Bethany Vittetoe '08; Teaching, Economic Research; Korea


Kourtney Cone '07; Biology; Costa Rica


Lindsey Turnbull '06; Medical Research; Malawi
David Han '06; Teaching, Political Research; Korea


Christin Kjelland '05; Teaching, Social Research; Korea


Angela Rossman '03; Islamic Studies; UAE
Helen Scharber '03; Environmental Studies; UK


Margaret Anthony '01; Law; Germany
Carolyn Schenck '01; Language Study; Austria
Ellen Titzkowski '01; Language Study; Germany

Pre 2000

Rachel Mueller '99; Teaching; Korea; 1999
Theodore Przyzycki '99; European History; Germany; 1999
Kimberly Rogers '99; Ethnomusicology; Zimbabwe; 1999
Kimberly Wiederer '95; Teaching; Germany; 1995
Suzanne Sackett '89; Teaching; Germany; 1989
Gregory Noesen '79; Language Study; France; 1979
Patricia Burke '62; Language Study; Austria; 1962
Bruce Jackson '61; Psychology; UK; 1961
Forrest Hartman '61; Theology; Germany; 1961 
Thomas Neumiller '59; Language Study; Germany; 1959
Thomas Murphy '59; Physiology; Scotland; 1959
Susan Hill '58; Literature; France; 1958
Karan Vollman '57; Mathematics; Germany; 1957 
James Winebright '57; Biochemistry; Germany; 1957
Charles Anderson '51; Language Study; France; 1951

Fulbright Fellowships and grants awarded to Knox College faculty

Name (Years at Knox) Department; Field of Study; Country; Year of Award
Todd Heidt (2009-) Modern Languages - German; Teaching German; Germany; 2011
Stuart Allison (1997-) Biology; Ecological Restoration; England; 2010
Amy Singer (2006-2012) Anthropology - Sociology; Cultural Anthropology; Indonesia; 2010
Karen Kampwirth (1995-) Political Science; Feminism and Politics; Argentina; 2009
Jeremy Day-O'Connell (2006-) Music; Musicology and Linguistics; Scotland; 2009
Nick Regiacorte (2002-) English; Creative Writing and Social Research; Italy; 2000
Xavier Romano (1999-2010) Educational Studies; International Education; Germany; 1999
Eric Edi (2005-2010) Integrated International Studies; African Studies; USA; 1999
Lawrence Breitborde (1995-2013) Anthropology; Fulbright Senior Scholar in Anthropology; Liberia; 1988
Roy Andersen (1972-2014); Economics; Economic Development; Pakistan, 1981; Zambia, 1986
Frank Young (1968-1987) Mathematics; Teaching Computer Science; Nigeria (University of Lagos); 1975
Lawrence Breitborde (1995-2013); Anthropology; Fulbright Dissertation Research Award; Liberia; 1974
Paul Shepard (1954-1964); Biology and Ecology; New Zealand; 1961
Merritt Moore (1933-1955); Philosophy; France; 1951

Fulbright Fellowships awarded to Knox College alumni

Name, Class Year; Field of Study; Country; Award Year
Nicole McCabe, 2011; Teaching, English; India; 2012
Indira Somani, 1992; Media in India; India; 2011
Barbara Darlington Ito; 1972; Female entrepreneurs in Japan; Japan; 1979
Jason Pierceson, 1994; Canadian Legal System; Canada; 2011
Karima Daoudi, 2009; Media-based Ethnomusicology and mtvU; Senegal; 2010
Polly Young, 2009; Microfinance in the Caribbean and Teaching; Dominican Republic; 2010
Karen Kampwirth, 1986; Feminism and Politics; Argentina; 2009
James Mutti, 1998; South Asian Politics; India; 2007
Susan Pietrzyk, 1988; Anthropology; Zimbabwe; 2006
Kendall Dunkelberg, 1986; Poetry and Literature; Belgium; 2005
John Hughes, 1975; Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program; Northern Ireland; 1990
Keith Achepohl, 1956; Art; Turkey 1979; Egypt 1984

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