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International Studies

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Todd Heidt

Associate Professor in Modern Languages-German; Chair of International Studies

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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Students display their countries flags at the annual International Fair in Ford Center for the Fine Arts.


How We Work 

1. We talk the talk and walk the walk. Having a truly global understanding isn't just an effort of statistical study or of subjective personal experience—it's a combination of the two. That's why our students learn the structures of international communities, take two years of language instruction, and eventually go abroad. They're as versed in textbook analysis as they are in genuine human interactions.

2. We're citizens of the world. In our classes, you'll study alongside international students, domestic students who have lived abroad, and those who have never left the country. We foster a community of unique individuals, so that our students can emerge with a more nuanced and holistic view of the world.

3. We don't play it safe. International Studies majors have the freedom to design their course of study-be that focusing on a certain region, on themes across several countries and regions, or even combining the major with another field of study.

4. Our faculty is with you all the way. Our faculty spans the departments of History, Political Science, Anthropology/Sociology, Modern Languages, and Economics, so our students are free to focus on the issues they care about, and to seek guidance from instructors they relate to. That means any International Studies advisor can help design an abroad experience. It also means that our educational prospects are always growing: any professor with an interest in international issues can become a member of the International Studies faculty.

5. We put ourselves to the test. Our capstone projects demonstrate the competence we've acquired in our language abilities, our understanding of history and economics, and our immersive foreign work. And of course, our research is as diverse as we are: be that a reflection on the specifics of "The Impact of Tea on the Angami-Naga Society of Northeast India" (Lungalang '11) or as comprehensive as a "Global Analysis of Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Rates and Related Country Variables" (Lashway '12).

6. Our grads find success. Tim Schmeling '11 works for UTC Aerospace Systems and will be continuing on to law school. Rachel Dean '06 has taught in Japan for seven years, and is now a support coordinator for international exchange at CIEE. Matt Berg '00 is a Time Magazine's 100 "Most Influential People" for his work in community health service entrepreneurship in Africa.


International Studies Alumni Working in Related Field

Students who participated in European Identities coursework and travel in Fall Term and December Break also took a Winter Term class that resulted in final projects. These were presented at a symposium at the end of Winter Term 2014.

A European Identities student presents her final project.


International Studies courses are selected with the aim of understanding the forces and trends shaping the contemporary world. Innovative language study immerses you in active conversation and prepares you for study abroad.

The major integrates theories of modern social science and history with the practical mastery of foreign language(s) and cultures. Students are required to:

  • Complete a set of core courses that introduce broad global themes
  • Develop language skills to a functional level in classroom and non-classroom contexts
  • Complete a geographic area specialization
  • Travel, study, or work abroad.

International Studies is closely linked to Knox's Global Studies Center, which emphasize language skills required by new professionals facing foreign peers.


Special collections available to International Studies majors include the WGI Global Data Manager (1,200 variables on all countries) and an extensive historical and contemporary map collection in the archives of Seymour Library.

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Students with flags at International Fair.
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