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Sustainable Policies

To encourage sustainability throughout the institution, the Sustainability Task Force has passed and the President's Council has approved the following resolutions to ensure that the Knox community is doing all it can to increase its social, environmental, and economic sustainability.


Prohibiting Idling

Knox College recognizes that idling vehicles waste money and contribute to localized air pollution and global carbon emissions. Gasoline is quickly consumed while idling a vehicle (for every two minutes idling an engine, the same amount of fuel used to drive one mile is burned). Knox College prohibits campus vehicles and discourages other vehicles from idling while on the campus, except when necessary for certain circumstances (e.g. buses may turn on engines up to 15 minutes before passengers board).

Air Travel

Knox College acknowledges the impact that air travel has on its institutional carbon footprint and it seeks to reduce the carbon emissions created by this form of travel. Air travel should be avoided whenever feasible. All members of the Knox community and visitors are considered to consider train, bus, carpool, or other options before purchasing a flight. In addition, Web-based meetings, speakers, and conferences should always be considered as alternatives to in-person events to avoid air travel. These steps will not only reduce Knox College's carbon footprint, but also increase cost savings for the institution.

For those circumstances when air travel is the only feasible option, investment and participation in local sustainability initiatives is encouraged to reduce carbon emissions, rather than the purchase of carbon offset credits.

Computer Purchasing

Knox College recognizes the impact that more energy-efficient computers and monitors can have on sustainability. By saving energy, reducing heat loads within buildings, and encouraging recycling and industry best practices, Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) certified products can further Knox's sustainability goals while saving the institution money. Knox College encourages the purchase of EPEAT Silver or higher computers and monitors, whenever possible.

Cleaning Product Purchasing

Knox College acknowledges the important role that cleaning practices play in overall sustainability goals. By streamlining operations, using less water, using less product, and using more environmentally-friendly products, the Knox community can reduce its impact. Knox encourages the purchase of Green Seal or EcoLogo certified cleaning products, whenever possible.

Office Paper Purchasing

Knox College recognizes that the purchase of recycled content paper reduces deforestation, thereby increasing the number of trees available to reduce climate change, protect habitat, and maintain human culture and diversity. Purchasing recycled content office paper also supports the industry, encouraging more production of recycled products. The Knox community will strive to reduce paper usage through limiting printing and encouraging electronic communications, and encourage the purchase of the highest percentage recycled content paper possible for campus printers.

Supporting Historically Underutilized Businesses

Knox College acknowledges the importance of supporting historically underutilized businesses, minority-owned businesses, and women-owned businesses in order to continue its long tradition of inclusivity. Knox will regularly monitor our support of these historically underutilized, minority-owned, and women-owned businesses, and seek improvement.

Supporting Local Businesses

Knox College acknowledges the importance of supporting local products and businesses in order to reduce its carbon footprint and to help strengthen Galesburg and the region. Knox will regularly monitor our support of local businesses and seek improvement.