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Get involved in sustainability both on and off campus

Get Involved
Action: There are many ways in which you can get involved in sustainability issues with fellow students and faculty at Knox College, from regular events to a variety of student organizations that focus on environmental issues and those that sponsor related events.

Sustainability Task Force
The Task Force addresses campus sustainability on a larger scale and is comprised of the College President, Sustainability Committee representatives, at-large student representatives, head of the Environmental Studies department, other professors, and the director of Facilities Services.

Student Senate Sustainability Committee
The Student Senate has several important functions on the Knox campus. It provides a forum for debate on campus issues, makes recommendations concerning those issues, has a role in determining how student activity fee funds will be spent and makes student appointments to faculty committees. The Senate Sustainability Committee deals directly with issues on campus involving sustainability.

Student Organizations

Bike Club
The Bike Club was created as an on-campus bike repair shop to maintain the Bike Share fleet and to provide guidance and resources on bike repair, maintenance, and safety for the Knox community. The Bike Shop is staffed by student mechanics who work with the Office of Sustainability. In addition to open shop hours, the Bike Shop will offer periodic workshops on topics such as bike repair, riding safety, and specialty classes on bike building.

KARES (Knox Advocates for Recycling and Environmental Sustainability) seeks to promote education and support of environmentally-friendly practices and issues (including pollution, sustainability, and city sprawl) and encourages recycling,. The club also hosts events like Earth Day celebrations and spring gardening. KARES works to encourage recycling on campus in various ways. The club also works to educate students about various environmental issues.

Outdoor Recreation Club
The Knox Outdoors Club is on campus to promote people being outside and doing various outdoor activities. Past events have included rock climbing, spelunking, horseback riding, camping, and canoeing.

The Knox Community Garden
The Community Garden is a student run project that promotes sustainable agriculture on campus. There are a variety of crops planted each spring.

Food for Thought
Food for Thought promotes educational activities about making sustainable food decisions. It also works with the campus dining services to make sustainable changes.

Friends of Green Oaks (FOGO)
FOGO hosts events such as trail clearing, invasive species control, campouts, and leisure activities at Knox's 700 acre woodland preserve.

FIJI is one of Knox's fraternities that has implemented a Sustainability Chair and is working to "green" its campus house and educate its members on sustainable issues.

Eco House
The Eco House is one campus housing option solely dedicated to living in a sustainable manner. Residents work together to show how such a lifestyle is practical and functional.

The Free Store
The Free Store is a student-run "store" where students can leave items such as clothing, books, and school supplies that are in good condition for other students to take for free.

Get in Touch

Students, faculty, staff, and alumni can direct questions, comments, and suggestions about campus sustainability to the Office of Sustainability at