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Division of Student Development

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Can I view my student's grades to see how they are performing academically?
Following guidelines established by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Knox does not routinely send grade reports to parents or guardians. We will send the grades to your home address if your student signs a release form at the Registrar's Office permitting us to do so. Parents do receive letters if a student does very well and is entered on the Dean's List or is in difficulty (in which case the parents are sent a copy of the letter sent to the student by the Academic Standing Committee).

How does academic advising work?
Wherever possible, students are matched with faculty advisors on the basis of academic interest. Most students continue to work with this advisor until they have chosen a major, when they will be reassigned to a faculty member in that field. This happens at the end of the first year at Knox at the earliest and at the end of the second year at the latest.

Who needs academic support at Knox College and where can they get it?
In a serious academic environment, all students, regardless of their ability or preparation, will experience academic challenge. Every student can benefit from learning how to manage challenge, persist through difficulty, and develop academic resilience. The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is responsible for the provision of holistic academic support services for all Knox College students. It takes as its mission the provision of services and instruction specifically designed to empower students and to place them in positions of increasing control over their own educational experiences. CTL initiatives include coursework in mathematics, composition, and metacognition; Red Room, Red Room SMC, and Red Room FINALS study tables; Writer's Workshop; Student Success program, Student 2 Student programming; and meaningful employment and pedagogical learning opportunities in our College Reading and Learning Association certified peer tutor programs.

Who should my student contact if a personal matter is impacting his or her academic performance?
First and foremost, encourage your student to speak with their instructors directly. Instructors truly appreciate proactive, open communication on the part of the student, and are much more likely to be accommodating when such communication occurs. The Associate Dean of the College and the Dean of Students are two other excellent people for your student to speak with.


When are breaks and other important dates?
The academic calendar provides information on holiday breaks, final exam periods, residence hall openings and closings, and more.

How can I know when to purchase my student's airplane tickets to come home for breaks?
Students can generally determine their specific final exam times by consulting the final exam schedule. However, they should be sure to confirm these times with their instructors before finalizing travel arrangements.

How can I keep up-to-date regarding events on campus?
The Knox College events calendar is a great way to know what's happening on any given day, and to look forward to activities that may be of particular interest to your student and family.

Housing and Dining

When do new students receive their housing assignment?
Your student can expect to receive room and roommate information in early July.

What about returning students?
Room selection for returning students takes place in April.

How do I send my student mail?
Address mail to your student in the following format:

Your Student's Name
Knox College Box 1234
2 E. South St
Galesburg, IL 61401-4999

Do the residence halls close during break periods?
All residence halls close between the fall and winter terms. Students who may need to stay on campus during the winter break may contact the Campus Life Office for permission.

Where can my student store his or her belongings over the summer?
There is limited storage space available on campus for those students who have acquired just a little too much to bring back home with them for the summer. Students may store, on average about four to five medium-sized boxes.

Can my student live off campus?
At a residential liberal arts college, learning occurs both in the classroom and in the residence halls, which is why all students are required to live on campus for all four years. To qualify for an exception, your student must: be 23 years or older by the time fall term begins, have completed four years of residency at Knox, be the legal guardian of a minor child, or be married or in a documented domestic partnership.

Are all students required to be on a meal plan?
All students living in campus housing are expected to participate in a meal plan. Five residential meal plans (and two commuter plans) are available, so encourage your student to consider which plan will best meet his or her needs. Students may change their meal plan at any time through the second Friday at the start of each term by completing a new contract in the Dining Services Office.

Do dining locations remain open during holiday breaks?
Campus dining offers service during holiday breaks, except for Winter Break when the entire campus is closed. There may be changes to the normal dining schedule and some locations may be closed during breaks. If your student is staying on campus during break times, he or she will want to look for information about posted hours of closings.

My student has special dietary needs/restrictions. Who should he or she speak with?
Dining Services is able to accommodate a wide variety of dietary needs/restrictions and is accustomed to working with students to meet their requirements, including developing a plan that may include special menu items, ingredient identification, special preparation, and communication to necessary staff to ensure that your student can eat safely. Please contact the Dining Services general manager at (309) 341-7785 for more information or to discuss accommodations.


How are students notified in case of an emergency?
Knox students, faculty, and staff are notified through the Knox Alert messaging system, a multi-modal service that helps college officials provide emergency information via:

  • Voice messages to phones
  • Text messages to cell phones, PDAs, and other text-based devices
  • Written messages to e-mail accounts
  • Messages to TTY/TDD receiving devices for individuals who are deaf or hard-of-hearing

All students are automatically enrolled in this system based on the directory information that they provide upon their arrival at Knox, and may update that information via the Knox Alert Update Page.

The Knox Alert messaging system is used only when there is an emergent situation posing a threat to the campus. It is not used for incidents that have ended. We want to assure that messages are sent only when there is a true emergency so that students, faculty, and staff are not de-sensitized by non-emergency messages from the system.

Can families be notified, as well?
Yes, students have the ability to add your contact information to his or her account. Please discuss your notification preferences with your student.


When is tuition billed/due?
The scheduled billing and due dates are listed on the student billing page. All payments are to be paid in full by the due dates or a $50 late payment fee will be assessed. Term-based payment plans are available through Tuition Management Systems (TMS) that allow you to spread your payment over three or four months each term. This allows you to spread your payments for the entire year over nine or 12 months—whatever time period is best for your financial circumstances.

What are my payment options?
You have a number of options to make a payment including:

  1. Check or money order
  2. Credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or VISA)
  3. International Payment via FlyWire
  4. CASHNet Payment Plan (term based)

More information about these payment options is available at on the student billing page.

Health and Wellness

What medical services are available on campus?
Knox College provides primary health care services to all registered students. There is no additional cost to see our Health Services staff for the following:

  • General physical exam
  • Acute medical problems including respiratory or other infections, flu-like symptoms, abdominal problems, or headaches
  • Minor emergency treatment including burns, minor lacerations, sprains, or strains
  • Reproductive care

The cost of other medical expenses such as prescriptions, x-rays, lab fees, and tests are the student's responsibility.

What if he or she needs to get to an off-campus doctor?
The college provides taxi vouchers to transport students to off-campus medical appointments or pharmacies in Galesburg. Vouchers can be obtained at the Health and Counseling Center, Campus Safety, or Student Development.

What if I think my student needs counseling? Can I schedule an appointment for him or her?
Obtaining counseling services is an individual decision. If you feel like your student may benefit from counseling, talk to them. Explain your thoughts and feelings. Remember, they are adults now, beginning to make their own decisions and only they can decide if counseling is a service they wish to obtain. Ultimately, the choice is theirs.

Can I access my student's health or counseling record?
All health and counseling records are confidential in accordance with state and federal law. Student records can only be released to a third party with a student's written consent except under specific circumstances (threat of harm to self or others, court-ordered subpoena, or child or elder abuse). Records will not be a part of a student's academic record.

What if I am concerned about my student's safety?
First and foremost, call your student. If you are not able to reach them and are concerned about their well-being, contact Campus Safety at 309-341-7979.

Transportation and Parking

Can my student park a car on campus? What is the cost?
Students may park a car in a campus parking lot at no cost as long as it has been registered with Campus Safety and displays a valid parking permit. Permits are issued during New Student Orientation or may be obtained at the Campus Safety office.

Does the College provide airport shuttles?
For a $45 fee, Knox College offers shuttle service at the beginning and end of each term for students flying into or out of Quad City International Airport (MLI) in Moline, Illinois, or Peoria International Airport. Both airports are approximately one hour from campus. Reservations requested after the posted deadline are not guaranteed and will include an additional $10 late fee. Learn more about shuttle departures times and reservation information.

How can my student get around town?
While many Galesburg resources are within walking distance, the College and the community also provide a number of convenient transportation options including an on-campus care share, local bus system, and train station located adjacent to campus. Learn more about area transportation.

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