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A handicap parking space on Cherry Street outside of George Davis Hall.

According to the EPA, transportation accounted for 26% of the total US greenhouse gas emissions in 2014, only second to the electricity sector. Knox is doing its part to reduce the dependence of single occupancy vehicles by promoting the following alternative transportation options.

Bicycles at Knox

Bicycling is a great way to get exercise, make friends, and have fun - all while reducing your environmental impact and saving money. Knox College encourages students to bring bikes to campus and supports bicycling by providing ample parking, secure storage over breaks, free bike registration, short- and long-term bike loan programs, and a full-service on-campus bike shop! Learn more on our Bikes at Knox page.

Ride Share and Carpool

Knox College supports and encourages ride sharing and car pooling by hosting an online discussion forum allowing members of the Knox community to post and respond to ride share requests. You can also subscribe to the forum to be alerted when new requests or offers are posted. This forum can facilitate students giving each other rides to the grocery store, to events in nearby cities, or home for breaks. It can also help faculty and staff find resources for carpooling and ride-sharing for those who commute to campus. Ride sharing helps save in driving costs and reducing emissions while building community.

On-campus Car Share

The campus plays host to two car share vehicles, managed by the UHaulCarShare program. The cars have designated parking spaces in the Seymour Library parking lot. They can be rented by the hour by any licensed driver in the community. Visit the UHaulCarShare website for information. We are currently hosting a Nissan Cube and a Chevy Colorado truck. The pickup truck was recently added and provides a vehicle for those who need to occasionally haul or move larger items, allowing vehicle owners to opt for a smaller more efficient vehicle for daily use.

Electric and Alternative-fuel Vehicles

The Knox Corps program has an electric vehicle, which is used by students traveling to and from their community building activities. An extra electric vehicle charging station is available for guests of the college. In addition, the Facilities department maintains a number of biodiesel-powered vehicles in the maintenance fleet.

Start and End of Term Shuttle

For a small fee, Knox College offers shuttle service at the beginning and end of each term for students flying into or out of Quad City International Airport in Moline, Illinois, or Greater Peoria Regional Airport. Ride sharing reduces the number of individual trips and decreases the College's carbon footprint.

Galesburg Community Resources

Local Bus - Galesburg Transit

The local public transportation bus service, operates Monday-Friday. Four bus routes serve many areas of Galesburg and all routes pass by the Knox College campus. See the City's website for more information on schedules. For those who take the bus frequently, you can save money by purchasing an unlimited bus pass, which is good for several months.

Amtrak Train

Galesburg is a historic railroad town, fortunate to have Amtrak service eight times per day (four trains heading toward Chicago and four heading west). Train service is at the Galesburg Train Station, just a few blocks east of the Knox College campus. The train provides transportation to visit other cities in the region or to connect with airports in Chicago. It is often faster and much less expensive than the cost to drive and pay for fuel and parking. See the Amtrak website for schedules and more information.

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Printed on Saturday, August 24, 2019