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The meal plan contract is for the current academic year only, and each student is required to complete a new meal plan contract each academic year. You may change your meal plan at any time through the second Friday at the start of each term by simply completing a new contract in the Dining Services Office. The Dining Dollars portion of meal plans are available during Winter break, Spring break, and up to commencement. The meals portion of meal plans are not available during academic breaks.

Student Board Plans

All residential students are expected to participate in a board plan. Each residential board plan consists of a specific number of meals and Dining Dollars, which are non-transferable. Meals and Dining Dollars can be used whenever and however you like each term. All Premier Plans are identically priced. 

Board meals are for personal use and for when you need to entertain visiting family or friends. Unused meals do not carry over from term to term.  

Dining Dollars may be spent like cash at any dining location. Unused Dining Dollars do carry over from term to term and are available for use over academic breaks during the current academic school year but do not carry over from one academic year to the next. 

Academic Year 2024 - 2025
Premier Board Plan—$1,879/Term
Meals/Term Dining Dollars
Premier 200 200 $75
Premier 150 150 $150
Premier 125 125 $190
Premier 100 100 $255
Premier 75 75 $335

Price per meal is calculated by subtracting dining dollars from the meal plan price and dividing that amount by the number of meals in each meal plan.

Student Commuter Plans

Commuter Plans are restricted to students who meet both of the following criteria:

  • are not enrolled in a student board plan
  • are living off-campus

Each Commuter Plan consists of a specific number of meals that are non-transferable. The meals can be used whenever and however you like each term. Unused meals do not "roll" from term to term. Each Commuter Plan is individually priced based on the number of meals.

Academic Year 2024 - 2025
Commuter Plans
Meals/Term Price/Term
Commuter Plan 50 50 $543
Commuter Plan 25 25 $311

Flex Dollars

Add convenience and flexibility to your account, whether you are on a board plan or not, by purchasing Flex Dollars in $25 increments at any time during the academic year. This program allows all students, faculty, and staff to use their ID cards to access the funds deposited versus carrying cash to make purchases in any dining location as well as in the Campus Store (Bookstore). All funds deposited into a Flex account may be redeemed from the time of deposit through commencement or separation from Knox College. Flex Dollars are not refundable.

Purchase options: Through our GET application or portal. 

Add funds to your GET account through this online portal

To purchase Flex Dollars with cash or check, contact the Campus Card office.  

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Printed on Saturday, June 22, 2024