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Knox College provides an array of services and facilities including a campus-wide wireless network, a range of online storage options for individuals and departments, computer labs with current equipment and appropriate academic software packages.

Computers / Operating Systems

Knox supports both Windows PC and Macintosh computer systems.  Linux, Chrome OS, etc. are allowed on the network but are not supported by ITS.

All computers that connect to the Knox network must be kept current with software updates and antivirus software.

To ensure your computer is up to date and has the appropriate Anti-Virus, visit This will allow you to check to make sure your computer is ready to connect when you get to campus.

Campus Network

Knox provides wireless network access in all College-owned residence halls, academic buildings, and a majority of the campus green spaces.

Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is a required on all Windows and OSX computers.  See here for this approved antivirus software.

Internet Access

Knox provides internet access with an emphasis on the academic needs of the College community. Recreational access is provided, but may be constrained in deference to the academic and business needs of the College.

Internet access is available through the standard wireless connection. Wired ports in student rooms are available for a fee (presently $100 per year).

Application Software

Knox makes the majority of our application software available for student use.  See here for details.

Network Storage

Knox provides an array of online storage options for use by individuals and departments.

  • College network based "home" (personal) accounts and departmental accounts
  • Google Drive with unlimited storage!!

Network Printing

Knox maintains network printers across campus for use by students and faculty. Students are allotted of $50 worth of printing per year through the College's networked printers. Current charges are $0.05 per black and white page and $0.25 for color page. Fees may be higher for printing to a few specialized Art Department printers.  Additional printing may be purchased by students as needed.

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