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Required Antivirus Software and Operating System Updates


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All personally owned computers connecting to the College's network must have an approved antivirus software package installed. Computers connected to the College's network will be periodically scanned to confirm the presence of approved antivirus software and to confirm the software is up to date.

To ensure your computer is up to date and has the appropriate anti-virus software, visit This will allow you to check to make sure your computer is ready to connect when you arrive to campus.

Approved Antivirus Software

The following antivirus software packages are approved for use on the College's network:

Operating System Software Updates

Many viruses and worms take advantage of identified vulnerabilities within operating systems. Microsoft and Apple release patches to fix these known problems on a regular basis but many users neglect to install them. Unlike many e-mail borne viruses requiring the user to open an attachment, many of the operating system exploit viruses infect vulnerable machines by simply connecting to the Internet.

  • Windows PC users must install all critical updates issued by Microsoft as they become available via Windows Update. Please note that the latest service packs are included in the required critical updates.
  • Macintosh users must install all security updates issued by Apple via Software Update.

If Your System Is Infected

Due to the adverse impact infected computers have on the data network as a whole, the following actions will be taken when an infected computer is found:

  • The infected computer will be denied network access.
  • The owner, if he/she can be determined from the information available, will be informed that his/her computer is infected.
  • The owner will be notified that he or she must bring the infected machine to Information Technology Services to verify that all critical operating system patches have been applied and approved antivirus software is installed and functioning correctly.
  • A $50 fee will be assessed for this service.
  • Network access will only be enabled when the infected computer is verified as cleaned and protected.

Information Technology Services provides support and maintenance for all College owned equipment. The maintenance of personally owned computer equipment connected to the College's network is the responsibility of the owner.


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Printed on Friday, July 19, 2024