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Immersion Summer 2023


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Immersion Summer 2023

Knox College is pleased to announce opportunities for students to participate in Immersion Summer 2023.

All programs are in-person. 

There are three ways to participate in Immersion Summer 2023:

Take a Course for Knox Credit 

Collaborate with Knox Instructors - 6-Week Projects

Join an Intercultural Learning Program - 4-Week Programs

Take a Course for Knox Credit

Summer Term offers the opportunity for current Knox students, students from other institutions, continuing education students, and high-achieving high school students to enroll in courses taught by Knox’s nationally recognized faculty. Summer Term is a chance to engage in new challenges, broaden your academic studies, stay on pace for graduation, and prepare for your career.

Summer Term is composed of two 3.5-week sessions. In 2023, Session 1 will run from Wednesday, June 7 to Saturday, July 1, 2023. Most courses are during Session 1. The extended Session 2 continues until July 28, 2023.

For Degree-seeking Knox undergraduates and Undergraduates from other institutions:  $1600 per 1.0 credit;  $800 per 0.5 credit.

Knox College first- and second-year students who are behind on credits, Non-degree-seeking continuing education students, High school students, and Auditors:  $800 per credit.

Learn more about Summer Term 2023.

Collaborate with Knox Instructors - 6-Week Projects - Open only to Knox students

Work with a team to engage in a research / creative project led by Knox faculty and staff.

Selected students receive a grant from Knox to support their participation in these projects.

Here is a list of the 2023 Collaborative Projects:

  • Up, Down, Left, Right: Religion, Ritual, and Video Games
  • The Telescope: Investigations Into the Night Sky
  • Finding the Founders: Abolition, Manifest Destiny, and Settler Colonialism
  • Decolonizing News Media Literacy: Abolitionist and Activist Approaches to "Fake News"

Learn more about 2023 Collaborative Research ProjectsApply now.

Join an Intercultural Learning Program - 4-Week Programs - Open only to Knox students

Join an immersive study group exploring an intercultural topic intensively and actively. You can participate in a short-term program led by Knox faculty and staff.

The major costs of participation in these learning opportunities are provided by a grant from the College. Additional personal expenses must be covered by the participants. Program leaders will provide additional details regarding program-covered costs and potential additional expenses.

Here is a list of the 2023 Intercultural Learning Programs:

  • Underrepresented in Healthcare: Intercultural Exploration of American Healthcare
  • Preserving the Past, Facing the Future: Mexican Americans in the Midwest
  • Japanese-American History in Chicago
  • Middle Eastern Music in the United States: History and Performance
  • Crossing Borders, Building Solidarity: Affective Labor and the Chicago Mural Movement
  • Performing [____]- American Identity: Folkloric Perspectives on Hyphenated Identities 

Learn more about 2023 Intercultural Learning Programs.  Apply now.

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