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The Class of 2019 shares some favorite campus spots


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Favorite Campus Spots of the Knox Class of 2019

The Class of 2019 shares some favorite campus spots

Members of the Knox College Class of 2019 are leaving behind the familiar sites of campus and heading to destinations all over the world. Some of them shared their favorite campus spots and explained the significance of the locations.

Jack Barreca

Major in Political Science, Minor in History

My favorite room on campus is one of the study rooms in the [Seymour] Library, tucked away to the right of the red room. It is, in my opinion, the best place to study on campus. This area of the library is dead quiet, while the large desk provides plenty of room to spread out materials. Natural light from the tall windows allows for enjoyable studying during the day.

Rafael Cho

Major in Environmental Studies, Minor in Biology

The mysterious, dust-laden top floor of [George Davis Hall] is home to WVKC, one of my favorite spaces on campus. With a rich history stained onto the crusty fabric of its couches and scrawled onto its bright walls, the radio station holds a special place in my heart. Over my time here, it has housed numerous events, gave people the opportunity to scream into the HD2 void, and has acted as a recording studio for generations of students. It’s a rich place which has allowed for me to meet great people, get involved on campus, and has shaped who I am today. 

Alex Kellogg

Double Major in Music and Psychology

From orientation week through the very end of my final term at Knox, the practice rooms have been an essential part of my college experience. I use music to process my emotions, so I've ended up in a practice room before and after just about every monumental experience in my four years here. I am so grateful to have had a private space to do what I love.

Briana Quintana

Double Major in Elementary Education and Spanish

My favorite place on campus is sitting on the Old Main Lawn on a beautiful day! During the Fall and Spring, it's fun to lay out a blanket and enjoy the vibe of the campus. The place that has been the most meaningful to me is the [Educational Studies Department]: I have been exposed to critical pedagogy that has really helped me develop my identity as a future educator. Also, I have been surrounded by professors that are invested in helping me bloom in the education realm. The place that has changed my life has been Steele School, where I completed my student teaching. I was immersed within the Galesburg community and was able to learn and grow as an educator through the Steele community.

Cody Tracy

Major in Creative Writing, Minor in Film Studies

In considering a specific place on Knox Campus that has impacted me, I have to go back to the third floor of Old Main during the late-night poetry workshops. As a transfer student who came into Knox with an associate's in mass communications and media arts, I had never sat in on critique of poetry. I found these workshop sessions that often went on until midnight to be some of the most powerful educational experiences I’ve had in my life. I’ll never forget the expectations that the English Department at Knox had for us students and the rooms that the school provided us to work in.

Photo at top of page: A student reads on the South Lawn, with Old Main in the background. Photo gallery below: Alex Kellogg in a music practice room, Breana Quintana outside of Old Main, Jack Barreca in Seymour Library, Rafael Cho at WVKC, and Cody Tracy in Old Main. Breana Quintana photo by Renee B Photography; other photo gallery images by Libby Croce '19. 

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#"I’ll never forget the expectations that the English Department at Knox had for us students and the rooms that the school provided us to work in." -- Cody Tracy '19

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Printed on Monday, September 23, 2019