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Professor Emily Anderson discusses a Humphrey Bogart film with a class.

Film Studies

Department Chair

Emily Anderson

Associate Professor of English and Chair of Film Studies

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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Film Studies is an interdisciplinary program that draws on a wide variety of approaches. In completing the minor, students will become familiar with the theoretical and cultural contexts from which we approach film and other visual media.

The program understands films as points of access to diverse cultural traditions, and visual media as shapers of contemporary political, economic, and social life. One emphasis of the program is aesthetic and formal analysis. The technical and theoretical principles that govern visual media reward careful analysis, especially in exemplary or problematic instances. Another emphasis is the complex relationship between these media and the societies that create them. Students begin the program with an introduction to film's history, language, and technological development. Students then take at least one course in the theoretical principles that shape our understanding of contemporary visual media, and at least one course in the relationship between these media and a particular culture. Minors will then take two additional courses in theory or culture.

Film Studies thus hopes to create thoughtful, literate consumers and critics of contemporary visual media.


Knox College regularly brings filmmakers and scholars to campus for lectures and screenings. Our guests often spend time with students in both formal and informal gatherings. Recent visitors include:

  • Ernesto Ardito - Argentine documentary film director.
  • Nicholas Bruckman - director of La americana.
  • Robert Buchar - professor of film production at Columbia College.
  • John de Graaf - producer of Affluenza.
  • Susan Dever - chair of media studies at UNM, Albuquerque.
  • Jan Huttner - Chicago film critic and founder of "Women in the Audience..."
  • Sherwood Kiraly - screenwriter, novelist, and adaptor.
  • Motti Lerner - screenwriter and playwright at Tel Aviv University.
  • James W. Okeefe - director and professor of cinematography at USC.
  • Michael Renov - professor of film theory at USC.
  • Astra Taylor - documentary filmmaker and director of Zizek!
  • Yevgeny Yevtushenko - Russian dramatist, director, screenwriter, and actor.

Moreover, Galesburg is home to the annual Black Earth Film Festival, which screens independent films from around the world. Black Earth is presented every Fall and seeks to present the best in independent feature, documentary, short and animated films to the community. Directors are often available for discussion after screenings. Finally, Knox's Seymour Library has an enviable collection of nearly 3500 films. This collection includes feature films, historical films and shorts, television serials, educational films, foreign films (especially Spanish, French, German, and Russian), animated films, and documentaries.

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Printed on Friday, November 15, 2019