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Knox Conservatives

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Students sit and study behind blossoming trees.

Knox Conservatives stand for limited government, individual freedom, free enterprise, traditional values, and a strong national defense. The club is affiliated with the Young America's Foundation, the principal outreach organization of the Conservative Movement.

The group aims to bring diversity and awareness to the Knox campus, but also collaborate with the Knox Democrats to share dialogue and promote acceptance of all political views. Members of the Knox Conservatives demonstrate that all ideologies are present, and accepted, at Knox.

Through the Young America's Foundation the club has access to a long list of possible speakers, ranging from politicians to journalists to economists.

The club's goal is to expand in the next five years and transition leadership through annual elections. By holding events similar to the Knox Democrats, the Knox Conservatives plan to provide students the opportunity to learn about different political views, as well as an open forum to express their ideas. Members meet weekly, and these meetings are open to conservatives and liberals.

Knox Students Organize Debates

The Knox Conservatives joined forces with the Knox Democrats to plan Lincoln-Douglas style debates. Students organized, participated in, and observed debates about three prominent issues in U.S. politics: the economy, foreign policy, and health care.

The 2012 "Debates on the Steps of Old Main" were scheduled during three Fridays in October, the month that marked the 154th anniversary of the October 7, 1858, debate between Lincoln and Douglas at Knox College.

"Because we have different ideas doesn't mean that we can't get together, that we can't stand in our forefathers' footsteps here at the Lincoln-Douglas debate site and just debate and enlighten and inform the public and our friends on the issues." -Alex Uzarowicz '13, founder of the Knox Conservatives

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Printed on Friday, July 19, 2024