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Knox has several application options for home schooled students.

If you've decided early in your college search that Knox is among your top college choices, apply early and receive the benefit of learning your admission and merit scholarship decision sooner. Or apply Regular Decision to receive a decision in mid-March.

Apply By* Decision By** Enroll By
Early Decision Nov 1 Nov 15 Dec 15
Early Action I Nov 1 Dec 15 May 1
Early Action II Dec 1 Jan 15 May 1
Regular Decision Jan 15 March 15 May 1
Regular Decision (Space Available) After Jan 15 Rolling May 1

*If you're applying for financial aid, you should complete both your application for admission and your financial aid application by the "Apply By" date.

**Financial aid awards are typically mailed within 2-4 weeks after admission.

Early Decision

If Knox is your #1 choice, consider applying Early Decision. You'll be among the first applicants reviewed by the Admission Committee—and you'll be among the first to receive a decision. You'll also reduce the level of stress in selecting a college, save money on application fees, and save time and effort by applying to fewer colleges.

Applying Early Decision can also be helpful if you're participating in winter or spring sports, studying overseas during second semester, or busy with other winter and spring activities. You can complete your college search well before those activities get underway.

Early Decision is a binding commitment. If you're admitted to Knox, you agree to withdraw your applications to any other colleges. Knox should be your #1 choice, and you may not apply Early Decision to more than one institution. All Early Decision applicants must submit the Early Decision Agreement found in the admission application.  Apply Now!

Early Action I

The Early Action option is nonbinding, meaning you may apply to other colleges and still have until May 1 to make your final college selection. You can apply to as many colleges as you desire and wait to see what colleges admit you before making a final decision. Knox offers two rounds of early application consideration. Complete your application by November 1 (Early Action I), and we'll send an admission decision by mid-December.  Apply Now!

Early Action II

Apply by the December 1 deadline (Early Action II) and receive an admission decision by mid-January. You still have until May 1 to reply to our offer.  Apply Now!

Regular Decision

Apply by January 15 and receive an admission decision by mid-March. You'll need to reply to our offer by May 1.  Apply Now!

Regular Decision (Space Available)

Applications received after January 15 will be reviewed on a rolling basis. You'll typically receive an admission decision by mid-March or within 2-4 weeks after submitting your application. You'll need to reply to our offer by May 1 (or within two weeks after being offered admission).  Apply Now!

You should start assembling your application materials well in advance of the deadline.

All application documents—including  Auditions and Portfolios in the Arts—should be submitted or postmarked by the applicable deadline. Please contact your admission counselor or call the Office of Admissions if you have questions or have difficulty submitting any part of your application.


When you apply for admission, you'll also be considered for scholarships based on the information you provide in your application for admission and through an admission interview. If you're an artist, you can also provide portfolio submissions or complete auditions that will be evaluated by Knox faculty. When you receive an offer of admission, you'll also learn about any scholarships that have been awarded to you. More information is available on our  scholarship page.

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