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We're excited to welcome you to the Knox community! As you begin this new stage in your life, this site -- along with e-mails you'll receive throughout the summer -- will help make your journey from home to campus a smooth one. Stay tuned for updates!

New Student Orientation Student Portal
Visit your student portal to choose your FP and course preferences, take placement exams, and choose your dining plan. If you haven't done so already, be sure to complete immunization and medical history forms while you're there.
Your Academic Journey Your Academic Journey
To help you make the most of the many opportunities for inquiry and creativity that a Knox education has to offer, here are a few ways to think about the academic journey upon which you're about to embark. 
First-Year Preceptorial First-Year Preceptorial
First-Year Preceptorial, or FP, is a small seminar course all first-year students take in the fall. Before you arrive on campus, there's a bit of reading we'd like you to do to prepare for your first class.
Placement Exams Placement Exams
All students are automatically enrolled in an accident insurance plan. While the College does not provide comprehensive coverage, options are available. 
Ask a Prof Ask a Prof
Do you have a question about courses or the academic opportunities at Knox? Through the end of July, Knox professor Tom Moses will be available to answer any questions you have about the academic program at
Financial Aid Financial Aid, Scholarships, Loans
If you will be receiving financial aid, the pending financial aid credits shown on the fall term billing statement you will be receiving this month by mail are based on the most recent information we have in the financial aid office. Contact the Office of Financial Aid if you have questions about pending financial aid, scholarship, or loan credits on your account. Learn more about paying tuition and fees, financial aid, scholarships, and loans. 
Insurance Coverage Class of 2018 Facebook Group
Join the Class of 2018 group and start getting to know your future classmates! Also, check out our main Facebook page, Twitter account, Flickr photostream, and YouTube channel.

One Community: Orientation 2014

One Community will both welcome you to campus and introduce you to the larger Knox community as a while. Not only will you get to know your classmates, you'll meet faculty and staff, learn how to navigate the campus, understand how learning happens at Knox, and explore your new home of Galesburg, Illinois.

Fall Athletes Arrive -- August 18
International Orientation -- begins September 7
Multicultural Student Orientation -- begins September 8
Non-Traditional Student Orientation -- September 9
Family and Friends Orientation -- September 10
One Community Orientation -- begins September 10