Are you Knox?

At Knox, you'll blend thought with action. Fuse imagination with initiative. Join an open-minded community of diverse perspectives and independent thinkers — and emerge confident and fully prepared for the world.


Develop a personalized educational plan, connecting the wisdom of your professors with your own aspirations and talents to achieve your intellectual goals. Conduct service projects, internships, research studies, and study abroad that let you explore your passions and apply your knowledge, influence the policies of the College and the activities that happen on campus.

At Knox, you'll be challenged by demanding yet supportive professors and by peers with backgrounds different from yours. You'll be challenged to think for yourself, make your own statement, discover the person you want to be, and make a difference.

Are you Knox?

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Financial Aid

Making college affordable. A nationally recognized financial aid program funded by incredibly generous alumni and friends makes it possible for students from all backgrounds to attend and afford Knox.