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Aisha Spear

New York

Anthropology & Sociology Major and Psychology Minor

As an orientation leader, Spear engages with first-year students as they begin their journey at Knox.

Aisha Spear ’26 enjoys creating connections with people from all over the world. Coming from a background that is both Pakistani and European, Spear understands the importance of diversity and how having a voice in the community is crucial to increasing equity and inclusivity. 

Spear started the Multicultural Club during her first year in high school to create a community for students to express themselves and spread awareness about their cultural identities. She decided to take this spark for social change along with her when she committed to Knox. 

During her first year at Knox, Spear applied to be the International Club’s first-year representative, which later led to a position on the club’s executive board as a secretary in her second year. “Putting myself out there and meeting people from different backgrounds makes me feel very connected,” she said.  

Her desire to understand different cultures also sparked an interest in anthropology, sociology, and psychology. While studying at Knox, she aims to learn the nuances of the society around her and one day, become a professor, carrying out her research and educating young minds. “Humans are such complex beings,” Spear said. “I want to know why we think and behave the way we do.”

Outside the classroom, Spear participates in the Terpsichore Dance Collective, where she leads a team of dancers as a choreographer. Spear is also a member of the Knox College Dance Squad, where she performs at Prairie Fire football and basketball home games. 

As an orientation leader, Spear engages with first-year students as they begin their journey at Knox. She hopes to inspire students and build a community of active learners who can rely on themselves and look out for each other. Looking ahead, she hopes to take on the role of an international ambassador concurrently with the orientation leader role to connect with international students and help them feel at home when they arrive in Galesburg. 

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Printed on Saturday, June 15, 2024