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Anthropology & Sociology

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William Hope

Chair & Associate Professor of Anthropology - Sociology

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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How we work

1. We explore diverse viewpoints about human nature. We study anthropology and sociology to learn about human evolution, globalization, and cultural interactions through different academic lenses, while taking into account the forces of a changing technological society.

2. We learn from seasoned professionals. Our professors are anthropologists and sociologists. They conduct their own research on cultural anthropology, community development, ethnomusicology, and commercial art—to name only a few areas of research—in cities and countries all over the world. They inspire their students to explore, both inside and outside of the classroom.

3. We take what we study into the community. Our students work with at-risk youth, teens, and the developmentally delayed and in the fields of domestic violence, reproductive health, public housing, and legal assistance. Almira Karajic '17 served as a KnoxCorps Associate at the FISH food pantry in Galesburg. 

4. We conduct relevant research. We pursue independent research and senior capstone studies with mentors and the help of scholarships and grants from the Vovis Center for Research & Advanced Study. Yun Lin '15 successfully defended her College Honors project in understanding Chinese students' experiences while learning English. Eva Marley '13 studied the impact of social media on the participation of youth social movements.

5. We find success. Graduates work in a variety of fields and use the knowledge they acquired from the classroom, in real-life experiences. Amber Eisha '14 is pursuing her graduate degree in social work from George Washington University in St Louis. Caleb Thompson '14 is a Peace Corps volunteer in Paraguay. Whitney Bey '07 works as a youth and family coordinator for Metro Social Services in Minnesota. Carolyn Hough '98 works as an associate professor of anthropology at Augustana College.


Estimated Salary of Alumni with Anthropology & Sociology Degrees

Class taught by William Hope, hold an informal music session with guest speakers.

Anthropology and Sociology class taught by William Hope holds an informal music session with guest speakers.

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