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Taliah Ellis '19 studied abroad through the Doctors in Italy program.


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Taliah Ellis '19

Chandler, Arizona

Major in Neuroscience

Ellis travelled to Italy to shadow a team of doctors and experience Italian culture.

Taliah Ellis '19 studied abroad through the Doctors in Italy program.

What is the Doctors in Italy program?

Doctors in Italy is a clinic-based medical internship. This program allowed me the opportunity to explore potential possibilities of my intended career in healthcare. With this program, I got the opportunity to shadow a team of English-speaking doctors, while learning Italian. 

Describe your study abroad experience.

I was able to see two very different sides of medicine while I was there. I was able to visit public and private hospitals, enter the OR, and spend time watching surgeries. In the clinic, I assisted on a biopsy of the mouth, and shadowed on two hip replacements and a total knee replacement. While in Florence, I also got the chance to visit a medical museum called La Spectola where I saw wax anatomical figures and learned about tools used in medicine many years ago.

Not only was the medical aspect of the program amazing, the traveling and language school aspect was as well. Daily activities would usually consist of morning language classes, shadowing, and walks through the city of Rome to see famous monuments. I was able to travel to Naples, Florence, and Tivoli as well.  

How has this experience affected your plans for the future?

As a neuroscience major and pre-med student-athlete at Knox, this program gave me the opportunity to travel to another country and really focus on my field of study. It truly secured my belief in going down the medical path in the field of orthopedics. I was able to learn more about European medicine and get more experience in the field. In the future, I plan on attending medical school after doing a post-baccalaureate year at Knox.

Why are experiences like this so important?

It's an opportunity to learn about another culture that is completely different from ours. It is an opportunity to experience diversity on a different level than how we normally experience it here on our campus. 

My main medical practice interests are sports medicine, orthopedic surgery, and neurosurgery. Having the opportunity to shadow doctors in my potential field of study gave me an idea of what my reality could be and how my Knox education can set me apart to better serve as a doctor in this competitive profession.

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Printed on Saturday, October 24, 2020