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Judith M. Thorn


Judith Thorn

Associate Dean for Curriculum and Assessment; Professor of Biology; Chair of Economics

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999


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Associate Dean for Curriculum and Assessment; Professor of Biology; Chair of Economics

Judith Thorn

General Interests
Signal transduction, the cytoskeleton, endocytosis, cell movements, development, dog behavior and training, animal assisted therapy

Years at Knox: 2000 to present

Ph.D., 1997, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
B.A., 1991, Grinnell College.

Teaching Interests
Developmental biology, cell and molecular biology of early embryogenesis in Xenopus.

Selected Professional Accomplishments


  • Knox Faculty Research / Creative Work Grant: Identifying CRISPRs that Target Intersection 1 in Xenopus Laevis, 2016-2017.
  • National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation Grant, with Matthew W. Jones-Rhoades, Janet Kirkley, Andrew Mehl: Acquisition of a Multifunctional Imager for Research, Undergraduate Training, and Curricular Reform, August 2014 - $41,902.
  • Knox Mellon Faculty Career Enhancement Grant - Interdisciplinary Course Development: Canines - $1000.
  • National Science Foundation grant to use research-based laboratory to investigate developmental biology at Knox College, 2002-2005.

"Misinterpretation of Canine Posture in a Vase of the Amasis Painter," Dog Behavior 2.3 (2016) Supplement s98.

S. Singari, N. Javeed, N.J. Tardi, S.K. Marada, J.C. Carlson, S. Kirk, J.M. Thorn, K.A. Edwards. (2014) "Inducible protein traps with dominant phenotypes for functional analysis of the Drosophila genome." Genetics, 196:914-105.

"The cortical changes initiated by the injection of d-Src mRNA into Xenopus laevis oocytes result from acto-myosin contraction." Co-authored with Knox Students A. Pantanakasame and B.K. Kay, forthcoming.

"High school and college students' knowledge and opinions concerning the HIV/AIDS problem." Co-authored with Knox Students D. Nimke and K.F. Satisky, forthcoming.

"Social Learning in Shelter Dogs." Templeton, J. J. & Thorn, J.M. Journal of Veterinary Behavior/Clinical Applications and Research 4 (2009): 78-79.

"Conditioning Dogs to Sit." Co-authored with J.J. Templeton, K.M.M. Van Winkle, and R.R. Castillo. Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science 9.1 (2006): 25-39.

"The NIEHS Xenopus maternal EST project: Interim analysis of the first 13,879 ESTs from unfertilized eggs." Co-authors P.J. Blackshear, W.S. Lai, E.A. Kennington, N.G. Staffa, D.T. Moore, G.G. Bouffard, S.M. Beckstrom-Sternberg, J.W. Touchman, M.F. Bonaldo, and M.B. Soares. Gene 267/1 (2001): 71-87.

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"Identification of four CCCH zinc finger proteins in Xenopus, including a novel vertebrate protein with four zinc fingers and severely restricted expression." Co-authors J. De, W.S. Lai, S.M. Goldsworth, X. Liu, T.K. Blackwell and P.J. Blackshear. Gene 228 (1999): 133-145.

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"The NIEHS Xenopus maternal EST project." Co-authors P.J. Blackshear, W.S. Lai, D.T. Moore, G. Bouffard, J. Touchman, and M.B. Soares. Seventh International Xenopus Conference, 1998.

"Going to the dogs with the Amasis Painter," Juried abstract presented at The National Meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South, Williamsburg, VA. March 16 - 19, 2016.

"Misinterpretation of Canine Posture in a Vase of the Amasis Painter," Juried abstract presented at the Canine Science Forum, Padua, Italy. June 28 - July 1, 2016.

"Personality is Related to Performance by Family-Owned Dogs in a Human-Cued Task." Poster with Templeton, J.J., and Stoune, J., Canine Science Forum II, Vienna, Austria, 2010.

"Examining the Relationship Between Domestic Dog Behavior and Human Attachment - Differences Between Pure and Mixed Breed Dogs." Poster, Canine Science Form II, Vienna, Austria, 2010.

"Humanoids: A Creative Application Project for Developmental Biology Courses." Poster with Roy, L.E., Jezuit, E.A., Brittingham, J.W., Bologna Conference of Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media, Leipzig, Germany.

"The Expression of Intersectin mRNA and Protein in the Oocytes of Xenopus laevis." With E.M. Mandel. Society for Developmental Biology, Madison, Wisconsin, 2002.

"Investigating the Role of Rho Protein in d-src mRNA Injected Xenopus laevis oocytes." With A. Pantanakasame. Society for Developmental Biology, Madison, Wisconsin, 2002.

"Investigating the Function of Moesin in the Development of Xenopus laevis." With K.A.M. Linn and K.M. Lipe. Midwest Society of Developmental Biology, Columbia, Missouri, 2001.

"The NIEHS Xenopus Maternal EST Project." With P.J. Blackshear, W.S. Lai, D.T. Moore, G. Bouffard, J. Touchman, and M.B. Soares. Seventh International Xenopus Conference, Sardinia, Italy, 1998.

Campus & Community Involvement

  • Chair, Neuroscience Program.
  • Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science.
  • Member, Association for Women in Science.
  • Member, National Association of Biology Teachers.
  • Member, Society of Developmental Biology.
  • Member, Council on Undergraduate Research.
  • Member, Association of Pet Dog Trainers.
  • Member, Delta Society.

What Students Say
"Judy's always able to break down extremely complex concepts into bite-size pieces. I've never seen anyone else make something like dominant-negative mutations feel intuitive. She also supports students like few professors do-I'm in debt to her to a degree I'll never really be able to repay directly."
- Andrew Prendergast, Psychology and Biology Major

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