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Emma Curry '22 sits on the Gizmo Patio and reads a book.
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Emma Curry

Abingdon, Illinois

The Early College program helped Emma's transition from high school to college and led to her decision to attend Knox.

Emma Curry '22 sits on the Gizmo Patio and reads a book.

How did you find out about the Early College program?

I found out about the Early College program through my high school counselor. Knox had reached out to the area high schools about the program, and my counselor thought it would be something I was interested in. 

What Early College classes did you take? 

I took three courses through Knox: 20th Century Europe and World (HIST 107), Classical Mythology (CLAS 203), and Roman Art and Architecture (CLAS 204). I chose these classes because I found them interesting, and we had no classes like them in my high school. I also chose them because they were during the easiest times to fit the rest of my high school schedule around. My favorite part about these classes was the atmosphere on campus. The class sizes were small enough to where I wasn't overwhelmed, and the professors were great. I never felt like I was out of place when I was in class, even though I thought that would be a possibility. 

How difficult was it to juggle your schedule while taking Early College classes?

For me, it was easy to juggle my schedule while taking the Early College classes. I was able to both pick classes to fit in my high school schedule and work my high school schedule to work with the classes I wanted to take through Knox. Also, the coursework was a little more intense than what I had for my high school classes, but there was never too much to where I had to pick and choose which to do, or not do. 

If a current high school student who's considering Early College asked you about your experience, what would you say? What advice would you have for them?

I would tell them to do it if they have the chance. It is an amazing opportunity. Also, it is not like some of the dual credit options that high schools offer. You get the opportunity to learn on campus and get a feel for the school and the people. It is a great opportunity to take advantage of if you have the chance.

Did your Early College experience affect your decision to attend Knox after you finished high school? 

Yes, the early college program did influence my decision to attend Knox. I was on the fence, not sure if it was the right fit for me, but after getting to be on campus and taking these classes, along with learning about the school, the people, and Knox's commitment to learning, I was sure that Knox was where I wanted to attend for my college education. 

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Printed on Monday, January 24, 2022