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Claire Cody gives an interview at the commencement address.


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Claire Cody '18

Glencoe, Illinois

Major in Chemistry, Minor in Dance Studies

Claire received the John C. Weigel Prize and plans to seek a Ph.D. at Yale.

Claire Cody gives an interview at the commencement address.

Claire Cody graduated in June 2018 and was named the recipient of the John C. Weigel Prize for having the highest scholastic achievement in her class. A couple of days before Commencement, she stopped for a quick interview.

What are your after-Knox plans?

I will be attending Yale University for graduate school in a chemistry Ph.D. program.

Do you know yet what your longer-term plan is?

I'm not entirely sure, but I'm currently thinking of teaching in some capacity, possibly a college professor. But I'm not entirely sure—going to see what comes.

How do you think Knox helped you be ready for this next part of your life?

Oh, I think in many ways. One of the main things is the faculty in the Chemistry Department was always so supportive and really was always there to answer my questions or write letters of recommendation. The community in the Chemistry Department and at Knox in general has been really supportive and has helped me a lot.

Any other Knox experiences that jump out for you?

There's a lot. I'm a chemistry major with a dance minor. My sophomore year, I was able to do a short-term study abroad trip to Ghana with the Dance Program. We took a class throughout fall term about cultural perspectives in dance, then did an immersive trip, studying dancing and drumming in Ghana. That's one of my favorite things at Knox. Then I did a study abroad program [in which I] basically went around the world. I went to Vietnam, Morocco, and Bolivia, studying climate change. Bren Tooley and the whole study abroad office was really helpful in helping me get that and apply for that, even though it wasn't an approved program, technically. I did a petition, and now, it is approved.

I've been doing independent research with Professor Hoyt in the Chemistry Department. That, I started my sophomore year, [with] iron catalysts. I think that was one of the main things, as well, that helped me go to graduate school—having that research experience. It's so valuable.

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Printed on Wednesday, February 26, 2020