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Aicha Chehmani


Business Major, Dance and ANSO Double Minor

Chehmani continues to learn outside the classroom working as a social media coordinator in the Office of Communications.

Aicha Chehmani ’24 is driven to be creative. As a dancer, Chehmani has taken on the shared responsibility of organizing Knox’s Terpsichore Dance shows and helping choreograph several pieces. Their self-starter attitude urges Chemani to work towards organizing events for the community. “I like running things. It makes me feel calmer knowing what’s happening,” they said. 

As a business major, they understand that to run any organization, different departments need to work together cohesively. In the Office of Communications, Chehmani continues to learn outside the classroom in their work as a social media coordinator, designing engaging social media posts for Knox.

With this desire to create something driving their motivation, Chehmani sought to rebuild Common Ground, one of Knox College’s LGBTQ+ organizations that aims to create a safe space for Queer students, from the ground up after COVID-19. Organizing Queer Prom was one of the highlights of their Knox experience. “Watching everyone dance and be themselves without worrying about what other people said made all the work worthwhile. It was magical,” Chehmani said.

Chehmani is constantly looking for different ways to immerse themselves in the campus. When an opportunity to work with Dare 2 Care arose, they seized it. Now, they work at educating young minds about serious issues such as sexual assault, consent, and safe sex practices. Chehmani also works remotely for Love Travels Imports, a fair trade store based in Detroit, as an administrative assistant. They work on smaller projects such as research, social media, and organization, giving them a connection with people from all over the world while supporting minorities and their businesses. 

As they consider their future career, they aspire to continue working in an environment that supports artistic individuals by moving to Chicago and working for museums, theatres, or behind-the-scenes of creative spaces, while continuing to take dance classes on the side. 

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Printed on Sunday, June 16, 2024