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Steffi Antony '17

Student, UIC College of Nursing

Major in Anthropology & Sociology, Minor in Business/Management

Steffi is attending the UIC College of Nursing. She plans to obtain her doctorate and pursue healthcare administration.

Steffi Antony '17 at the UIC College of Nursing.

What have you been doing since Commencement?

I'm currently in school at the UIC College of Nursing in Urbana-Champaign getting my MSN (Master of Science in Nursing).

How did Knox help you get there?

Knox taught me the importance of finding human connections in everything I do. Although nursing is a very science-based profession, I find myself searching for the impact I can have on those around me. Especially in the clinical setting, I find that my technique of patient care incorporates both my knowledge of the sciences and my love for humanity. This allows me to help my patients with their medical problems, but also connect with them in ways that helps get them to a comfortable place both mentally and socially. Without Knox's help in allowing me to combine my love for science and humanity, this would not be possible. Utilizing the leadership skills Knox has helped me build, I hope to get my doctorate and venture into the world of healthcare administration in the future.

At Knox, Steffi was a member of TRIO,  2017 Senior Class President, resident assistant, teaching assistant, Red Room Tutor, member of Delta Delta Delta, aaina (South Asian student organization), computer lab assistant, admissions teleambassador, and Office of Advancement student worker

Watch Steffi's Senior Speech at Commencement 2017. 

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Printed on Wednesday, April 24, 2024