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Telephone Service

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Residential Phone Service

Residential suite phones and/or hall phones are provided in common areas for enhanced security and convenience. Additionally, pay telephones are accessible in the Ford Center for Fine Arts, T. Fleming Fieldhouse, and Umbeck Science Mathematics Center.

Knox College's main telephone number is 309-341-7000. Phone numbers and listings can be obtained from various sources; the College switchboard operator at "0", the online directory and/or the CenturyLink area wide directory.

Long-Distance Service

For enhanced telephone service, students may request a personal long distance authorization code usable from any campus telephone. The current long distance rate is 10¢ per minute all day, every day. See the request form below.

Long distance charges are billed, due and payable on a regular monthly basis. Student bills are sent to their Knox e-mail accounts and can be paid via U.S. mail, campus mail (Business Office, K-Box 147), or at the drop box outside the Business Office. Students with phone bills 45 days past due and more than $100 will receive a "Notice of Disconnection." Long distance privileges will be suspended within 15 days of receipt of the disconnect notice if the account remains unpaid. All phone accounts must be paid prior to the start of the academic year. Diplomas and/or transcripts will not be issued to a student who has not settled a debt to the College.

Emergency Phones

Emergency phones are strategically located across campus, both in stand-alone lighted poles and on many campus building entrances. See Campus Security for more information and a map of all phones.

Cell Phones

The Galesburg area is served by multiple cell phone carriers. Local offices are available for Verizon, Sprint, and US Cellular. Students should contact their cell phone provider for current information, support, and/or service.

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Printed on Friday, July 19, 2019