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Counseling Services

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These resource lists are meant to provide basic information. They are not complete lists nor are they an endorsement of the resources included. Please use your best judgment when considering mental health resources, and consult with a counselor if you have questions.

See the side menu (or scroll to bottom on mobile) under "Student Resources" for more pages with information, coping tips, and resources for specific concerns. 

On Campus

  • Counseling Services: Furrow Hall, 309-341-7492
  • Health Services: Furrow Hall, 309-341-7559
  • Campus Safety: 309-341-7979

General Online Resources

Galesburg Resources

Community Counseling and Private Practices

Hospital, Emergency, and Health Resources

Other Local Resources  

Tips for Finding Therapy in Your Area

  • Call your insurance company to get a list of providers that are covered in your area.
  • You may want to consult with your primary care physician who could make recommendations based on your needs.  
  • Locate providers using an online search or a website like the SAMHSA Treatment Locator
  • Research potential providers by checking their credentials or other information online. Search their name on the Illinois License Lookup or the equivalent in your state. 
  • Voice any concerns about payments to the provider. It may be possible for some providers to adjust pay rates under certain circumstances.
  • Ask questions. Before beginning therapy, feel free to ask about the therapist's training, theoretical background, or expertise in your area of concern. 
  • Shop around. It is OK to not feel comfortable with a certain therapist. If able, discuss your concerns with them and ask for a referral.

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, contact Counseling Services during business hours at 309-341-7492. After business hours call Campus Safety (309.341.7979) or call 9-1-1. Click Crisis Sessions for more information.

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Printed on Sunday, June 16, 2024