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Financial Aid Handbook


Office of Financial Aid

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999


800-678-KNOX (Toll Free)



Apply to Knox Now
The Court House Tower.

Financial Aid Programs

Application Process
Step-by-step guide through applying for aid for new and returning students, notifications, and information on renewing aid.

Responsibilities of Aid Recipients
Policies on enrollment status, academic standing, and other requirements.

Federal Eligibility
Academic, enrollment, legal, and citizenship requirements.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention
Federal Drug-Free Schools and Campuses requirements followed by Knox.

Financial Aid Programs
Outline of federal, state, private, and institutional programs.

Review and Appeal Process
How the College defines special circumstances and how aid is reviewed.

Need-Based Aid
An overview of educational costs, expected family contributions, and other parameters for need-based financial aid.

Student Employment
Student work opportunities on campus, workload rules, and how to apply for open positions.

Code of Conduct for Student Loans

Academic Information

Off-Campus and Study Abroad Programs
Aid considerations for students enrolled in off-campus study.

Less Than Full-Time Enrollment
How class loads relate to aid eligibility and payment.

Academic Progress
How the College defines satisfactory progress and procedures for dealing with problems.

Academic Considerations
How incompletes, withdrawals, and other course-related considerations affect eligibility.

Payment Procedures and Policies

Billing and Payment Plans
Financial details of College tuition, room, and board fees and student account billing.

Withdrawals and Refunds
How withdrawal from classes affects financial aid.

Return of Financial Aid
Order of return for federal, state, and other College and private funds after withdrawal.

Tuition Exchange Programs

Tuition Exchange
Details on participating in tuition exchange and remission programs.

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Printed on Monday, September 16, 2019