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About half of the students at Knox work on campus during the academic year. They work in almost every department and office of the College, including the academic departments, laboratories, administrative offices, libraries, dining services, custodial services, mailroom, and bookstore.

Many students work as clerks or assistants in the academic departments, administrative offices, and libraries or as food service workers. A student with specialized skills or training may find a job that uses that skill, for example, as an accompanist in the music department, as a writer or photographer in the public relations office, as a tutor in one of the foreign language departments, or as a trainer in the athletic department.

Campus Jobs, Federal Work Study and Campus Employment Awards

Students who demonstrate financial need may have Federal Work Study or Campus Employment awards included in their financial aid package. These financial aid awards give students an opportunity to work on campus and earn a portion of the money needed to meet their college costs. A student with a work award is not guaranteed his/her earnings, but the student is given priority among the job applicants for most jobs on campus. The student may work and earn up to the amount of the work award.

Federal Work Study earnings are paid with a combination of federal and institutional funds. Campus Employment awards are paid with institutional funds.

The acceptance or refusal of a work award does not affect the grant assistance offered in a student's financial aid package. If a student accepts a work award, he/she is under no obligation to the College to work. A student may find that his/her course load and extracurricular activities limit the number of hours he/she is available to work. He/she may work fewer hours than the work award would permit.

Wages and Workloads

Student employees are paid minimum wage in the State of Illinois. The number of hours of work per week varies from job to job; however, the maximum number of hours a student may work is 15 hours per week.

If a student has a Federal Work Study award or a Campus Employment award, the award amount will determine the number of hours he/she will be allowed to work per week. To calculate the number of hours a student may work, divide the total work award by 30 weeks, then by the minimum wage rate.

A student's work schedule and the number of hours worked may vary from term to term because of his/her course load, class schedule, and extracurricular activities. The student must make work schedule arrangements with his/her supervisor each term.


Student employees are paid every two weeks based on the number of hours worked and reported on their timecard. Paychecks are deposited directly to a student's bank account. Students who want to apply earnings against their student account (tuition, room, board, etc.) must make arrangements in advance with the Business Office. Normally, students use most of their earnings to pay for books and supplies or to cover incidental expenses, e.g., laundry and snacks.

How to Apply for a Job

The Human Resources Office coordinates campus employment. The Office of Student Financial Services notifies the Human Resources and Payroll Offices of those students with Federal Work Study or Campus Employment awards, thereby establishing applicant priority. The Human Resources Office notifies students of Knox student employment procedures.

Students search and apply for employment directly through Handshake, not with the Human Resources Office.

New Student Procedure

A new student seeks a job after his/her arrival on campus.

Returning Student Procedure

A returning student with a Federal Work Study or Campus Employment award, or who has worked and wants to continue to work, should secure a job before leaving the campus for summer break. However, the student must check with his/her supervisor to determine whether or not he/she will be re-hired. 

Payroll Sign-Up

To complete the employment process the student must sign up for payroll.

First-time workers complete a W-4 IRS tax withholding form and a Form I-9. To complete the tax form the student must provide his/her social security number and determine the number of allowances for withholding tax he/she wants to claim. Under the Immigration Reform Act the College is required to have every employee complete a Form I-9. To comply with this law a first-time employee must furnish one of the items listed below in List A, or one of the items in List B plus one from List C. The student must present these documents at the time he/she signs up for payroll. The documents must be originals, and if a birth certificate is used, it must be certified.

List A

  • United States Passport
  • Certificate of United States Citizenship
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Unexpired foreign passport with attached employment authorization
  • Alien Registration Card with photograph

Or List B plus List C

List B

  • A state driver's license (or I.D. card)
  • U.S. Military Card or draft record
  • Military Dependents I.D. card
  • School I.D. card with photograph
  • Voter's registration card

List C

  • Original Social Security Card (valid for employment)
  • Birth certificate bearing a seal or other certification
  • Unexpired INS Employment Authorization
  • I.D. card for Resident Citizen in U.S. (INS Form 1-179)
  • U.S. Citizen I.D. card (INS Form 1-197)
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