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Offices & Services

Dining & Food Services


Knox College Dining, K-Box K-229

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



The Court House Tower.

Knox College Dining Services offers a variety of services and a positive dining experience to the students, staff, faculty and community. Dining Services provides a variety of menu options and handles room reservations for meetings, informal gatherings and other events. We look forward to serving you and ensuring your campus dining experience is memorable.

Residential, Grab-N-Go & Retail Dining

Dining Services offers a wide variety of menu options in locations across campus. Two residential dining rooms, the Hard Knox Cafe and Oak Room, are centrally located and a popular part of the College community. Meals and snacks can be purchased at three quick "Grab-N-Go" stations, the Gizmo snack bar or the Out Post convenience store.

Meal Plans

Seven different student meal plans are tailored to fit any lifestyle, along with a Frequent Diner Plan for faculty and staff. Students can select a combination of meals, dining dollars and purchase Flex Dollars to use for regular meals and snacks.


As part of Knox College's environmental initiatives, students and staff have partnered to make dining at Knox College more environmentally conscious.

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