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Student Resources

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The Bastian Family Center for Career Success helps students in all areas of career exploration and decision-making, gaining experience, making connections, preparation for success in seeking outcomes, and transitioning to a post-Knox professional.

We do not define your outcomes for you; we work with you to help you discover possibilities. Please call, stop by the office or schedule an appointment through your free Handshake account to discuss these topics.

Career Resources for Students

Career Closet

Shop the Career Closet!

Knox students: Did you forget your business attire at home? Need a suit for an interview or conference? Make a great first impression by dressing confidently and professionally.  Appointments to shop the Career Closet are available Monday through Friday during regular office hours. The closet is not need based, all students are welcome to come and get what they need. Appointments can be made via Handshake or watch for open hours available each term.


Students have access to not only resources at Knox, but also several other schools through the consortiums we work with. These provide students with additional career fairs, internships, jobs and offers various platforms to grow their network.


Guidelines and Samples to make your resume stand out.

Cover Letters

How to write a letter that conveys purpose, enthusiasm, and knowledge.


Your headquarters for our resources. All students have an account. You can download the app to use on all devices. Your success using Handshake is 100% dependent on fully completing your profile in the system. It features: all jobs, internships, externships, calendar of career center events and access to 100,000+ employers who recruit college students; national and international positions for all majors. Handshake allows you to access resources 24/7 including resume/cover letter samples, career prep topics advice, suggested job search websites, and access to Vault, our powerful career research and exploration tool.


Tips on making a good impression and how to answer frequently asked questions. 

Job Search and Internship Resources

Search for your next job or internship by using our guidelines, job search website suggestions and resources on Handshake. A Michigan State survey on recruiting trends for companies cited internship experience as the number one factor in hiring liberal arts graduates. The Bastian Family Center for Career Success encourages students to begin to engage in these experiences as soon as possible in their academic careers. Internships may be arranged for academic credit through a faculty sponsor or through sponsoring organizations with or without pay. Numerous jobs and internships are posted in Handshake daily. 

2022-2023 Student Experiences

Networking Guidelines

Networking is a great way to get more insight on a position you might be interested in. Follow this link for guidelines on how to network with employers, graduate school recruiters and alumni.


Use online tools that hone in on your different skills and values to help you decide on your major or even your career path. 

Graduate Schools

There are many things to consider when deciding whether to go to graduate school or what graduate school to attend. Follow this link for things to consider when making your decision as well as more information about our annual I-74 Graduate and Professional School Fair.

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Printed on Friday, December 8, 2023