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Explanation of Fees

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Enrollment Deposit

An enrollment deposit of $300 is required to confirm a student's acceptance of the College's offer of admission. Payment must be postmarked no later than May 1 for students admitted by April 15; for students admitted later, the deposit is due within 15 days of notification of admission. The enrollment deposit is non-refundable.

After a student's admission at Knox, the deposit is credited to his or her enrollment deposit account. Any unpaid damages, fines, or other charges to the student's account may be deducted from this deposit. The balance is refunded to a student within three months after graduation. The balance is refunded to students who officially withdraw at the end of the academic year with notice to the Dean of Students by June 1 and to students who have to withdraw during the year due to reasons of health or due to academic suspension or dismissal. No refund is made to students who are dismissed for disciplinary reasons or who withdraw voluntarily during the academic year.

Room and Board

The room fee covers the period when the residence halls are officially open, from the day before registration to the last day of examinations in each regular academic term. The fee also covers, for new students, the orientation period in the autumn; and for graduating seniors, the period to Commencement in the spring. A separate charge is made for December Break. Students who wish to occupy their rooms at other times must make special arrangements with the Dean of Students. Knox College reserves the right to enter and examine residence halls at any time.

Most of the rooms in the College residence halls are double occupancy ($5,040). Students may request a single and, if assigned one, are charged $6,086 for a standard single room. The room fee at Hamblin Hall, 240 W. Tompkins, and 284 W. Tompkins can be found on the fee schedule under Room Fees.

With five different plans at varying levels of meals and Dining Dollars, we are sure to have a plan that fits your lifestyle. Each plan consists of a specific number of meals and Dining Dollars that can be spent just like cash at any Dining Service location, all of which can be used whenever and however you like each term. Unused meals and Dining Dollars are non-transferable and do not "roll" from term to term. Best of all, the plans are identically priced, so there is no additional cost to having the plan that is just right for you. Additional spending power may be added with the purchase of Flex Dollars at any time. Following is a brief outline of the meal plans:

Premier Board Plan 19/20 -- $1,676/term

Meals/term Dining dollars
Premier 200 200 $75
Premier 150 150 $150
Premier 125 125 $190
Premier 100 100 $255
Premier 75 75 $335
Price per meal is calculated by subtracting dining dollars from the meal plan price and dividing that amount by the number of meals in each meal plan.

Entry into the student dining halls is monitored by means of an electronically coded, nontransferable identification card, which may carry a penalty for misuse. A $15 fee is assessed for replacement of a lost identification card.

Music Fee

The charge for music lessons is $335 per term. If lessons are taken for credit, the student receives one hour of instruction per week; if taken for no credit, the student receives one-half hour of instruction per week. The fee is the same in either case. The fee is waived for declared music majors taking lessons for credit, but the fee will be reinstated if the student drops the music major.

Refund/Cancellation of Knox Charges: On-Campus Enrollment

Students who officially withdraw between the beginning of a term and the end of 60 percent of a term are entitled to a pro-rata cancellation of that term's charges for tuition, activity fee, room and board. (For an explanation of the requirements for an official withdrawal, see "Official Withdrawal," in "Academic Rules and Regulations" section.) After 60 percent of the term has been completed, no charges are cancelled.

If, as of the official withdrawal date, a student has consumed a larger portion of the board plan than determined by the pro-rata refund/cancellation calculation, that student will be billed for the difference. In addition, if a student remains on campus beyond the official withdrawal date, that student will be charged for room and board costs through the date of departure, as determined by the Office of Student Development.

Refund/Cancellation of Knox Charges: Off-Campus Enrollment

Only students who withdraw from a program officially and by the end of 60 percent (based on the Knox College academic calendar) of the term are eligible for a refund. Insofar as possible, refunds for off-campus programs follow the pro-rata cancellation policy stated above. Exceptions: No part of a program fee expended on a student's behalf is refunded in the event of the student's withdrawal from a program before its completion. In some cases, students are obligated for expenses incurred before the program begins. (Note: this policy applies to Knox, ACM and other approved off-campus programs.)

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