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Students in Repertory Theatre Term on the stage with a green wall behind them


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Knox Rep Term 2022: Students Share Their Experiences

Students in Repertory Theatre Term on the stage with a green wall behind them

Knox College students who are participating in this year’s Repertory Theatre Term (Rep Term) say the immersive experience is one-of-a-kindcollaborative, exhausting, and satisfying.

Produced every three years by the Knox Department of Theatre, Rep Term is the only undergraduate theatre program in the United States that embeds academic study of theatre within the experience of forming a repertory company that produces two fully staged productions. Rep Term’s success depends on intensive collaboration between faculty and students.

Rep Term students spend an entire academic term planning, preparing, and performing two shows. They take on all responsibilities related to producing the shows, including acting, constructing sets, designing costumes, and managing publicity. This year, the productions are Dear Elizabeth by Sarah Ruhl and We Are Pussy Riot or Everything is P.R. by Barbara Hammond. 

Several Rep Term students shared their thoughts about the experience.

Why did you want to be in Rep Term?

“I gravitated towards Rep Term because I know that hands-on learning is the most effective way for me to learn. I really wanted to get that hands-on experience and active experience in producing shows.” Sage Lundquist ’23, who is majoring in creative writing and minoring in arts administration

“It's not just classes. It's very reflective of how the real world of theatre works.” Tallulah Nepstad ’22, who is majoring in theatre and minoring in music

Can you discuss the immersive nature of Rep Term?

“With Rep Term, all I'm doing is theatre. That's it. And it really puts you in a world of, ‘This is what it's like to give all of your time to theatre.’” Rose Stout ’22, who is majoring in theatre and minoring in psychology 

“We have students assistant directing, students building the sets, students doing lighting and costumes, stage managing, creating publicity materials. Literally, every aspect of what is going into putting on these shows is done by studentsand usually led by students.” Sage Lundquist 

“We are doing theatre and working in the crews all day, but even in the times that we do have breaks, we still are spending that time together. We’ve really created this family, this community.” Lily Zofkie ’23, who is majoring in biology and minoring in theatre 

“From day one, we all came together, and it was just like the most exciting thing ever. Everybody was so ready to participate in this experience.” Amelia Walz ’23, who is majoring in theatre and art history 

(Story continues below. Photo at top of the page: Rep Term students perform onstage for We Are Pussy Riot or Everything is P.R. Photos below: Students team up on the two Rep Term productions by building sets, creating and designing costumes, working on lighting and sound, experimenting with makeup, and acting.) 

How has the experience gone?

“Pretty well, all things considered, with COVID and general scheduling wackiness. It’s been a challenge, a fun and not impossible one, which is what keeps us going.” Nicodemus Meade-Greeman ’23, who is majoring in theatre 

“If there wasn't a challenge, we wouldn't be having fun. We're doing really well, especially considering the fact that we are still having to deal with COVID. I think COVID has made us even kinder to each other, and that's part of why it's going so well.” Tallulah Nepstad 

“The fact that we had to go two weeks online in the beginning [because of Knox’s COVID-19 protocols] was a very unique issue.” Morghan Bacon ’22, who is majoring in creative writing and minoring in history 

“I came to Knox in part because of Rep Term. I still almost chickened out of signing up and enrolling in it because there's a lot of emphasis on ‘You really need to be willing to put your blood, sweat, and tears into this.’ But as long as you're willing to work hard and you are ready to be dedicated, then you're set. You're with a bunch of other people who are in the same boat, and they've got you.” Rowan Collins ’24, who is majoring in theatre

What advice do you have for anyone considering Rep Term?

“Just do it. If I hadn't done it, I would be so, so sad right now. It's hard, and no one's going to tell you it's not hard, but there's a support system for everything you may need. Don't let anxieties and worries make you not even try it.” Rose Stout

“Even if you're aren’t going into theatre, it's a great space to build leadership skills and communication skills and find confidence in working with other people. You’re also learning about how you work as an individual.” Amelia Walz

What advice do you have for prospective Knox students? 

“I feel like Rep Term is a good micro-community of the Knox community at large. So if you could see yourself in Rep Term and you could see yourself wanting that community aspect, that close-knit aspect where you all work together for a common goal, then I would say Knox is a good fit for you.” Morghan Bacon

“When I talk about why I chose Knox, I say what stood out to me was that every single person that I met and talked to was actively engaged in things that they cared about because Knox provides those opportunities. Rep Term is just one of those opportunities. There are a million opportunities that Knox provides because of how small the school is and how much the faculty care.” Sage Lundquist

Anything else you'd like to share?

“There are people here who are not theatre majors or minors. Rep Term is not a program for theatre majors. It's a program for people who love theatre and who want to be immersed in theatre for a term.” Rose Stout

“It’s been cool to see the support that we also get from students and other people that are part of the Knox community outside of Rep Term, especially Rep Term alumni. I'm doing a lot with social media, and we keep getting a bunch of messages from past Rep Term alumni giving advice and sharing their experiences and how much they love Rep Term.” Lily Zofkie

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Printed on Monday, May 23, 2022