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Views of the Knox College campus for the news media and publications

Permission is granted to media, publications and researchers for non-commercial use. All photos copyright Knox College, and all other rights reserved. Downloads are 300K and larger.

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Campbell Gate at Knox College

George Davis Hall

Classrooms and offices in economics, business, political science, international relations, anthropology, sociology, classics and modern languages. Technology resources include the Dorothy Johnson '39 and Richard Burkhardt '39 Language Center.

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Old Main, Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois

Old Main

 A National Historic Landmark and the sole remaining original building from the Lincoln-Douglas Debates, Old Main is one of the most important pre-Civil War buildings in Illinois. Renovated several times since it was built in 1857, Old Main was also the subject of a book that explored the mysteries of its design and construction.

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Looking for Lincoln wayside marker, Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois

Looking for Lincoln

A wayside marker at 350 S. Cherry St., overlooks the Lincoln-Douglas Debate site at Old Main. Featuring a map of the Knox campus as it looked in 1858, rubbing medallions and details of the Lincoln-Douglas debate, the marker at Old Main is one of a series of Looking for Lincoln markers at historic sites throughout Illinois.

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Lincoln-Douglas Debate Site at Old Main

Lincoln Douglas Debate Site, Old Main, Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois

Bronze tablets by sculptor Avard Fairbanks of Abraham Lincoln (left) and Stephen Douglas flank the east door of Old Main, where Lincoln and Douglas debated in 1858.

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Lincoln Douglas Debate Site, Old Main, Knox College, Galesburg, IllinoisOn the day of the debate at Knox - October 7, 1858 - the speakers' platform blocked the east doors of the building. Douglas mounted the platform from the side, while Lincoln climbed through the window to the side of the east entry door and plaque, shown here. Inside Old Main, this room is now the Lincoln Office at Old Main, greeting visitors with memorabilia and a scale model of Lincoln's law office in Springfield.

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Seymour Union, Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois

Seymour Union

The first floor and lower level, Seymour Union, include dining halls, offices for Sustainability, Student Activities, Residence Life, several student publications, a 24-hour computer lab and Taylor Student Lounge. The second and third floors, Seymour Hall, are student residences.

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Umbeck Science Mathematics Center, Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois

Umbeck Science-Mathematics Center

Classrooms,offices and laboratories for biology, biochemistry, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, neuroscience, physics, and psychology, as well as offices of the Registrar, Information Technology Services and other administrative functions.

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Ford Center for the Fine Arts

Ford Center for the Fine Arts

Built in 1964, it houses departments of art, music, theatre, and dance, as well as offices of admission and financial aid.

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Seymour Library, Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois

Seymour Library

Renowned as one of the most beautiful small college libraries, it contains 250,000 bound volumes and 700 periodicals, Special Collections and Archives with notable holdings in Midwestern history, plus Internet access to other academic, research and public libraries.

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Old Main
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